Summary: Verse by verse sermons through the Gospel of Mark

Mark 5:21-43 "A Father's Faith"

(read text)-Recount the scene...

Let's together look at "A Father's Faith"..

I. His Humble Request

a. Jarius-"Ruler of the Synagogue"-religiously, societally important man! Organized all affairs of public worship

b. Probably a Pharisee!

c. The fact he came to Jesus speaks volumes to his desperation, sincerity & love for his daughter!

d. "Implored" (v. 23)="begged, desperately pleaded"

e. "at point of death"="in the last gasp"

f. "she may be made well"=from word "to save" (i.e. from death)

g. This father's humble request came at a time of utter hopelessness

II. His Hope Renewed

a. (v. 24)"And He (Jesus) went with him-in Greek it carries the morning of "went promptly & immediately with him!"

b. Never have I seen someone cry out to the Lord in need of Salvation where the Lord says "wait a while"

c. "get this or that done" NO *JUST AS I AM!

d. Imagine his rising hope.. the Master is coming to his house, his daughter is saved!

e. Jarius= mens "whom Jehovah enlightens!" → what did God reveal to Jarius about Jesus?! –did the Lord see the faith in him?

III. His Horror Realized

a. (v. 35) "While He was still speaking" → consider the frantic pace of things!

b. "your daughter is dead" →_ tense literally translates – "your daughter died."

i. Crasit! The Elevator of Emotion! Cable snaps & he falls! The Horror!

ii. "why trouble the teacher any further" – "trouble"-from Greek 'skollō'="to 'annoy' or 'bother' 'pester'-seems so heartless!

1. Bottom line "too late" –hope is lost!

iii. Ever face the deepest valley after the Mountain top! Temptation is-Hope is lost!

c. Ever face the deepest valley after the Mountain top! Temptation is –Hope is lost! But not with the Lord!!

IV. His Happy Reward

a. (v. 36) "But Jesus overhearing" → i.e. still close to Jarius

b. "Do not fear"=present imperative (i.e. "Stop fearing!")

c. "only believe"=present continuous- i.e. "Keep on believing!"

d. Living Bible paraphrase="Don't be afraid, just trust me."

e. Jesus is saying: "I know it looks hopeless, but you came to me because you believed-so don't give up, just keep on believing-keep your faith-trust me.. I got this! --- Amen! - ? Is He saying the same thing to you today??!

f. (v. 37)-Jesus takes control of the situation!

g. (v. 38)-"Commotion"-professional wailers notice how quickly-they had to have been waiting for the inevitable!!

h. Jesus "saw"='theōro'=to examine careful with a critics & experience eye!"

i. "waling"='alalazō'-it is an onomatopoeic word- a word whose sound is logically related to its meaning- ex. "achoo" or "sizzle"-steak sizzling on a platter—in this case "alalazō' = "to repeat frequently the cry 'alalazō' customary in the culture!

j. Big over the top production!!

k. (v. 39) Jesus ask "why"-'not dead'=_ tense in the negative (i.e. not dead to stay-just sleeping!!)

l. (v. 40) "Professional Mourners" & so called friends laughed at Jesus condescendingly & mocking! But Jesus "put them out" the word "put"= 'ekballō' which means "to throw out" "forcibly remove!"

m. Like at the cleansing of the temple! Jesus takes charge! He came in as an invited guest-but He quickly becomes the Master of the House!

n. Amen!?! That's how it is in our lives when we surrender to Him!

o. (v. 41) "Talitha Cumi ('koum')"-"rise little one"

p. (v. 42) She does- but notice Jesus helps her by the hand & she walked & kept on walking around

q. She was 12- the age of threshold of womanhood

r. 12 years-vibrant life-the tragedy the woman just healed- had been ill for as long as this girl had been alive!

s. O the reality of new lie in Christ, regardless of circumstances!

t. Their happy reward was intimately personal

i. Jesus says don't tell

ii. They would see the girl-but Jesus had used the term "just sleeping" – i.e. He didn't want this miracle to be the focus-but rather eternal life & His mission!

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