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Summary: Verse by verse sermons through the Gospel of Mark

Mark 6:1-6 "The Tragedy of Foolish Assumptions"

Illustrative: Hunter w/ amazing Bird Dog –from Chuck Swindoll book. "What-can't your dog swim?"

Mark 6:1-6


• "Country" (hometown)

disciples followed Him

(v. 2)

• teaching in the synagogue- would have been muted by the ruler of the synagogue (like Jarius)

• astonished those who heard –'explèssō'="to strike at, to expel by a blow- i.e. "to be struck with astonishment"

• "imperfect" tense-carries idea of "continued to be amazed and beside themselves"

• **in other words- "flabbergasted"-"discombobulated"-"blown away"

• "mighty works"='domanis'-"power"

(v. 3)

• They took 'offense" with Him='skandalizō'=in this case, "to be offended in a person, a stumbling block.. i.e. They could not explain Him, so they rejected Him!

• How Tragic!!

• Perhaps the saddest of all was that His own half brothers and sister didn't believe Him or get it!

• Some get all uptight about these siblings- I don't quite simply ½ brothers and ½ sisters! All younger siblings to Jesus

• **so, the beautifully perfect and sinless life of Jesus failed to penetrate- because they assumed they knew Him!

(v. 4)

• "prophet"='prophétés'=forth-teller "one who speaks out God's message!"

• Jesus has clearly identified Himself

• Here, "prophet" (and already to that point)

• (john 14:26): "the Jewish Messiah"

• (Mark 1:10, Matthew 9:6, Luke 5:24) "The Son of Man with the Power of God"

• (John 5:22)- "The Son of God!" "honor"='time'="deference on reverence"

(v. 5)

• "no mighty work"-"no"='oudemian'="not even one!"

• "Sick"='arrostos'="without strength" weak

• "work"='donamis'

(v. 6)

• "Jesus Marvelled"-It was Jesus' turn to be in amazement! Amazed at their unbelief

• He went among the villages teaching (even after disappointment)

Foolish Assumptions..

I. Block the Message From Being Heart

a. They assumed they knew all there was to know about Jesus (v. 2-3)

b. So Jesus limited His teaching (v. 6-left with His teaching)

c. What about us? Are we guilty?

II. Block the Blessings from being Received

a. Their assumptions caused them not to believe (v. 3-4)

b. So Jesus limited his miracles (v. 5)

c. What about us? Are we guilty?

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