Summary: Verse by verse sermons through the Gospel of Mark

Mark 6:7-13 "Ambassadors on Mission"

This morning we will look at the world's first recorded evangelistic crusade

I. They Were With Him (v. 7)

Called='kaleo'(to call) & 'pros'(forwards) i.e. Jesus called them to Himself face-to-face=intimate & personal

a. They were given an associate- (two by two)-we are not meant to "go it alone" in the Christian life! 2x2-for support, encouragement & accountability!

b. They were given all authority!- 'exousia'=delegated authority, imperfect tense (kept on giving)

• i.e. Jesus delegated His authority ('exousia') to them and as long as they were on mission His inherent authority-power ('kept on giving- imperefect tense) was there to back it up!

• How important it is to remember His power, His authority is ours as long as we are following His plan!- Amen?!

II. They were sent out

• "sent"='apostellō'="to send forth as an ambassador on a commission to represent one and to perform some task"

• Our word apostle comes from this word

• Present tense- i.e. He began sending... not just once

They were sent out...

a. To practice their faith (v. 8)-"take nothing"-except a staff (walking stick)-

-no bread (daily provision)

-no "bag"=beggars collecting bag (beggar priests)-i.e. God will provide!

-no money = i.e leave self-sufficiency behind- complete faith & trust!

b. To Proclaim the Truth (v. 12)

-a message of repentance

-'kérussō'="to make a public proclamation with such gravity, formality & authority as must be heeded!" i.e. not "sugar-coated"-not "watered down" or "sanitized" NO repent! Turn from wickedness! Amen!

III. They were greatly rewarded.

• Obviously they were received by many- they were kept in homes, fed, etc. but- I see a unique reward here

a. They were given freedom to let god do the work!

i. V. 11-"shake off dust"→not up to them! Leave it behind and go to the next one!

b. They were given great evidence of his working!

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