Summary: This brief outline of notes from Chapter 1 of Mark can be very helpful in putting together a sermon or in leading a Bible study.

The Gospel According to MARK

Notes on Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Unlike the other Gospel writers, Mark assumes the birth narratives to be known by his readers. He starts right in with the beginning of Jesus’ ministry years.

1-8: John the Baptist’s ministry and announcement of the one to come.

9-11: Jesus’ baptism in water and with the Holy Spirit. Here God the Father speaks in an audible voice. The three persons of the Godhead (Trinity) are clearly revealed in this brief passage.

12-13: The initial three temptations of the Lord are here mentioned rather than narrated. The angels came after the third temptation was beaten.

14-15: The message has never changed: “Repent and believe!”

16-20: Jesus calls four disciples (followers) who immediately leave all to follow him.

21-22: The people were amazed even before He did any miracle. Simply his words were enough to do this!

23-26: Demons know the Lord’s authority!

27-28: Now the people are really stirred up, but this is “curiosity”, not “commitment”.

29-31: Simon’s Mother in Law lived with him. Jesus healed her as a matter of course.

32-34: Major compassionate supernatural ministry to needy people.

35-37: Jesus’ early morning prayer discipline. He did not become angry when sought out.

38-39: Jesus is now in full speed ministry mode. He is doing the things the Pharisees have always taught that the Messiah alone would do...

40-42: The religious leaders of the day taught that disease is punishment from God and that you have sinned somehow (more than people who are not sick) if you become diseased.

43-44: The Law of God required a priestly confirmation of healing from leprosy, and also an offering to be made by the healed person.

45: Needy humanity presses in…

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