Summary: This sermon series will breakdown Mark chapter 14

I. Today we will be looking at Mark, chapter 14, verses 1 through 2. Now Mark can be found in the New Testament. It is also one of the four gospels. Mark also tells the story of Jesus' last days.

II. The passover and the festival of Unleavened bread were only two days away.

(a). With the festival only being two days away you would think that everyone would be planning and preparing for the festival.

(b). I am sure that you had some people that were preparing for the festival, but not all of them, the cheif priests and the teachers of the law were preparing to do something else.

(c). They were planning to kill Jesus, but they wanted to do it after the festival. The purpose of doing it after the festival was so that it did not cause a roit among the people.

III. Have you ever prepared for something in life and someone else was planning to do something wrong to you, or someone there?

(a). This is what is happening here in the first three verses. Jesus is coming to the festival and someone is trying to harm and destroy Jesus.

(b). When someone wants to destory you, or harm you, they usually wait for the right time to do so.

(c). Even if that means following you around and trying to trap you to harm you.

IV. Jesus will go to the festival, but always remember that God takes care of his own. God will not allow anything to happen to you unless he wants it to happen. And even when it does happen God will prepare you for it to happen. Our next sermon will come from Mark chapter 14:3-9.

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