Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is a teaching outline of this great chapter. It is suitable for you to use for either preaching or a Bible Study group.

Mark Chapter 5

Jesus’ Authority, Power, and Love

I. The demonized man (1-20)

A. Set up of the scene (1-5)

1. reality of demonization

2. supernatural strength

3. self destructive behavior

B. Conversation with Jesus (6-12)

1. The demons knew exactly who Jesus was.

2. Jesus took command over the demons.

3. There were thousands of demons in this man.

a. definition of legion: 3000-6000 or “a great number”

b. Demons do not take up physical space, since they are spirit and soul creatures only.

c. Demons desire to occupy a body, and are always scheming to do so.

4. The demons preferred entering swine (pigs) to just “walking through dry places”. (Matthew 12:43)

C. Deliverance and consequences (13-17)

1. After Jesus granted the demons’ request, they destroyed the herd of pigs, harming the village economically and ecologically.

2. Many people came to see what had happened.

3. Even though the man was now clothed and sane, the townspeople reacted in fear.

4. By asking Jesus to leave, they missed out on the incredible blessings His presence brings. Fear caused them to make a major wrong choice.

D. Epilogue: Be a witness of me right here. (18-20)

1. The freed man wanted to go with Jesus!

2. Jesus instructed him to stay and tell everyone what great things the Lord had done for him, and tell of his great mercy.

3. This man obeyed Jesus, and people marveled at his amazing and powerful testimony.

II. Jesus Raising a little girl from death to life (21-24 & 35-43)

A. Setting the scene (21-24)

1. Once again Jesus is ministering to a great crowd.

2. Jairus broke through to the Lord. He was serious.

3. Jesus got up and went with him!

B. Arriving at the home (35-40a)

1. Upon arriving, they are hit with the worst news

2. Jesus immediately gave encouragement

3. Jesus stopped the “entourage”, and allowed only his closest followers to go in with him.

a. Only those with faith were allowed in there by Jesus.

4. Upon entering the home, Jesus spoke faith into the situation.

5. When faith was rejected, Jesus ejected the mourners turned scoffers.

C. Raising the girl from death to life (40b-43)

1. Jesus, the three, and the girl’s parents entered her room.

2. Jesus simply took her hand and told her to rise.

3. Immediately she did so, and they were all astounded (except for the Lord of course)

4. Instructions were given to keep this quiet and to feed the girl some food.

a. The crowds were already huge. Jesus needed to be able to operate in the region.

b. The girl probably had not eaten for days as she lay there very sick.

III. A Desperate and very sick woman gets bold and gets healed. (25-34)

A. Medical science had not helped her at all, even though she had spent all she had on doctors. She was actually worse now. (25-26)

B. She had great faith in Jesus because of seeing what he had been doing in her region. She had probably witnessed many great healings performed by Him. She correctly saw him as always willing and able to heal. (27-28)

C. She received instant (miraculous) healing and Jesus actually felt power for this go out from him! (29-30)

D. The disciples didn’t understand Jesus’ question, but he found the woman quickly. (31-32)

E. The whole truth came out and Jesus added his blessing, showing his love and compassion once more. (33-34)

NOTE: Her faith (in Jesus) made her well, apart from the Lord making any decision here at all. She knew that He is the Healer, 100%.

Great chapter for building our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

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