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Summary: A message geared for lay ministry

Marks of an Effective Minister - Section one

1 Timothy 4.6-11

July 13, 1997

Evening Service


I. Last week review: Marks of Effective Ministry- Active and Involved, Exalt Christ, Available, Prayerful, Fruitful and not prejudice

II. Role of the Full Time Minister: Designing ministry and worship, positive leadership, quality administration, preaching and teaching of the Word, Hospital and home visitation

III. Standards of Measurement: Numbers game, Books written, TV or Radio coverage, none of these are the Biblical guideline


I. Minster must be a Servant

A. Seminary Core Courses: Servant as classes, Don Joy - Servant as agent of Jesus Christ,

B. Pastoral Priority: Servant of Christ first, He is my boss, I work for Jesus and He is in control of this church, not me and not the board

C. Church: leadership and administration, worship and preaching, pastoral care

D. Greek Emphasis: Kalos- good or excellent, Diakonos rather than Doulos- contrast between slave and person of usefulness

II. Minister must Warn of Error

A. The position: in ancient times there was a Warning post, they sounded the alarm, Minister must sound the alarm

B. Gentle Reminder: The minister must remind or suggest, not command or demand, this does not mean that there are not times to be firm

C. Guard against false teaching: Steer in the direction of Biblical standards, warn about unbiblical practices and policies

III. Minister must be a Student of Scripture

A. Long hours of study: sacred and holy privilege, needed task with no short cuts

B. Bible as a guidebook for life: daily task to root in scripture, study of original languages

C. Study of theology: Develop sound doctrine and sound teaching, whole body of Biblical teaching

IV. Minister must be free of worldly teachings

A. Nothing to do with Myths: Worldly doctrines, false teachings of other religions, put away or reject,

B. Focus on what is holy and pure: There must be a line drawn, become free of worldly influence,

V. Minister must Discipline for Godliness

A. Discipline: Greek ideal of training, does not come natural or overnight, hard work and long process, long way to go and a lot yet to do!

B. For Godliness: Right attitude and right relationship with God, develop proper reverence and spiritual virtue, not perfection in all life, perfect to love God

VI. Minister must be a Hard Worker

A. Labor and Strive: Greek terms- Kopiao: work until weary or exhausted and Agonizomai: to engage in a struggle, must be willing to work hard and fight for beliefs

B. God as Savior: Not just from sin, Deliverer of Israel through out the OT, God gives life and all things to all people, mercy toward all because all deserve immediate judgment

C. Service of God: Giving God our best every day, 110% effort, do your best and God will do the rest

VII. Minister must Teach with Authority

A. Calling and Commanding: a call to righteous living, use of authority to communicate God’s will to the people, not a spiritual dictator, lead with love

B. Teach: Instruct on the Biblical message for living, preach and teach practical Christian values


I. Minister must be a Servant

A. I am Christ’s servant: God leads me and I will follow, may not be popular, do what is right not what is popular

B. I am your Servant: Meet needs and help in any way that I can, call day or night,

C. I am servant of my family: I am responsible for them, time each week with them, please respect,

II. Minister must Warn of Error

A. Reminder: No one is perfect and there must be grace, spiritual perfection is not human perfection

B. I will give spiritual direction: point out errors, individually and community, We have some serious issues to work out

III. Minister must be a Student of Scripture

A. I will study: Reserve times for private study, preach and teach the Word- nothing else will do!

B. Take special times for study: one day per month for study and one day for prayer

IV. Minister must be free of worldly teachings

A. Reject false teachings: Cults and those who warp scripture to say whatever

B. Reject false doctrine: False teachings within the church,

V. Minister must Discipline for Godliness

A. Train for Holiness: Active discipleship, train others,

B. Pursue spiritual perfection: The perfect love of God

VI. Minister must be a Hard Worker

A. Labor: hard work and long hours, will not neglect my family,

B. Struggle: Not a pushover, stand up for my beliefs, defend my position to the end

VII. Minister must Teach with Authority

A. I have been given authority: God and Christ, Ohio Conference, Charles Young to lead and teach this church, role taken seriously

B. Lead with Love and compassion for all

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