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Summary: 6 Benefits of Marriage to the Church & Society as well as 4 Bible Building Blocks to marriage

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One of the key building blocks for the church and society at large is successful marriages. Marriages that are strong, that are life giving and that produce successful families.

There are many benefits that we see from marriage.

1. Stable Families.

Stability is at a premium today, it is hard to find. But when you do come across a family that is stable, you find yourself in an atmosphere of safety and peace. These are families that are benefiting from a stable marriage.

These families will also be able to offer stability to society and to the church. Kids will grow up in the school systems, and there will already be a legacy in place for them because of their parents. They will walk into a good reputation, and they will be set up for success.

Places of influence in a community are reserved for those who can be trusted. To trust someone or something is to feel safe around it, and those who offer stability offer safety in that stability.

Over time it is the Stable families that gain the most influence in a community. They become the ones who call the shots, and even if you look at the example of the community where we live, those in office and in positions of leadership are those who have proven to be stable.

Stability is a benefit that comes from a successful marriage.

Another benefit that comes is that the young people are given a better chance at success.

2. Children have a better chance at success.

Success in life always has more to do with your attitude and motivation than your circumstances, but having a strong marriage sets your children up for success none the less.

A strong marriage will model for children what proper respect, honor and love looks like. When they grow up and get married themselves, they will have very strong tendencies towards the attitudes and actions of their parents.

A strong marriage will also provide a good structure of life for kids to grow up in. They will have clear boundaries, godly expectations, and they will have proper motivation for living.

These fundamental truths are installed in us from a very young age, and those marriages that are successful do a wonderful job at raising children.

3. Provides an example for others.

Jesus calls for his followers to be like a city on a hill, or a lamp burning in the darkness. We are supposed to be an example set up for all to see, because as followers of Jesus we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to live excellent lives.

We need model families to point to. We need clear examples of how love works. It is easier to learn from a real life example than from a book. We need families who are willing to let their light shine bright so that others can see how God intended for marriage to be.

4. Provides help for others

Many have called this generation a “fatherless” generation. We have earned this name because so many kids are growing up without a father figure in their home OR their father is neglecting his responsibilities and so it is as if there is no father present.

These kids need someone to take on that role, and Godly fathers would do a great job.

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