Summary: Marriage works when we work at it with Gods wisdom. The principles of God help to make it easier

It's a Good Thing.... 2

It's 2nd week of marriage Seminar!

Pro 18:22 says;

"Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD".

Remember we said that:

- God's intention 4 marriage is to make life 'gooder'!

- no marriage will produce as God intended until it is operated as He instructed!

- just a small change in approach can end marital reproach!

Today.... We will examine 4 wisdom demands of scripture that characterise great relationships:

1st Service: The wise will commit

2nd Service: The wise will submit

3rd Service: The wise will contribute

4th Service: The wise will listen


Commitment is decision to give your all to the relationship!

Commitment is closing the door to other options about your marriage!

Commitment is settling your heart in your home!

Gen 2:21-25

Commitment says:

1. I am flawed & you are flawed, but I believe that we are Gods will for each other.

- the reality of life is that whoever you marry will still be human & imperfect!

- even the best are not always @ their best & don't always give their best!

2. I will intentionally prioritise this marriage above any other natural relationship & pursuit.

- the 1st principle of commitment is value!

- the higher your value 4 your relationship, the higher the priority you will give it!

3. I am determined to do whatever godliness & wisdom demands to keep your trust & make this relationship work.

Finally.... Ps 127:1

Do just 2 - things:

- prayerfully submit your relationships to him!

- decide to obey his principles 4 successful marriage!


- anytime there is a power tussle @ home; something powerful will be tossed out of that home = it's called progress!

The cure to power tussle is submission to one another!

Eph 5:21

Submission is subjecting your mission to your partners mission!

Submission is allowing the other person to lead the way so that both of you don't block the way!

Submission is having your say, but allowing the other person to have the final say!

Eph 5:21-29.

Note 3 things to take home:

Submission says:

1. I chose to place more value on our relationship than I value my opinion or will.

- stubborn pride will always tear peace in pieces!

- you can insist on having your way & be always @ war; or you can submit & strengthen your bonds!

2. I trust you to carry me along in every decision that concerns our family welfare.

- submission goes with discussion!

- submission is secured by a sense of security!

- we are not commanded to submit to abuse & misuse; we submit to love & loyalty!

3. I will yield to you, not because you demand it or deserve it, but because I love you & I trust God.

- we don't submit because our partner is perfect; we submit because God is faithful!

- submission is insured through intercession!

Finally.... Ps 127:1

Do just 2 - things:

- prayerfully submit your relationships to him!

- decide to obey his principles 4 successful marriage!


Contribution is helping to ease the weight of the demands of your marriage!

Contribution is ensuring that your relationship is symbiotic!

Contribution is refusing to be the anchor weighing your relationship down!

Eccl 4:9-12

Note 3 things to take home:

Contribution says:

1. I willingly invite you to share my life & all I have in life with me, as an equal partner.

- the 1st principle of contribution is not what you can do 4 me; it is what we can be together!

- b4 we can partner effectively, we must become partakers of one another's life!

Mk 10:7-9

2. I commit to doing whatever wisdom & diligence demands, in order to bring our home to prosperity.

- it is an error to enter a marriage hoping 4 someone to take care of your life's needs alone!

- it takes two productive partners to make one prosperous couple!

3. I will trust you, not to mismanage our resources & lives by individualistic & self serving decisions.

- every contribution requires consultation!

- true partnership demands participation in decision making!

Finally.... Ps 127:1

Do just 2 - things:

- prayerfully submit your relationships to him!

- decide to obey his principles 4 successful marriage!!


Communication is sharing information & feelings in order to keep the love & fellowship of the marriage!

Communication is seeking a common ground in every marital decision!

- the greatest secret to being a good communicator in marriage; is being a great listener to your mate!

Jam 1:19

Note 3 things to take home:

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