3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Marriage Thoughts

Marriage Thoughts

I Corinthians 7

1. Sanctity in Marriage - vs. 1-2

A. Power of Touch

B. Permission to Marry

2. Sacrifice in Marriage - vs. 3-6

A. Issue of Control

B. Issue of Consent

3. Soul Searching in Marriage - vs. 7-9

*Singleness and marriage are both a gift and grace

4. Separation in Marriage - vs. 10-13

A. Permanence in the vow - v. 10

B. Possibility in the vow - v. 11

C. Permission to break the vow - v. 15

5. Sanctification in Marriage - vs. 14-16

A. Children will be holy

B. Spouse may be helped

6. Satisfaction in marriage - vs. 17-27

A. Inward contentment trumps outward status

B. Abiding faith accepts outward status

7. Service in Marriage - vs. 28-35

*Responsibility vs. Service

8. Steadfastness in Marriage

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