Summary: Having God as Owner, it’s a good thing! Analogy: Even with all the pressures facing Martha Stewart, her chow chow dogs do not worry! We can trust God as our "owner"! Tip #1: I am Entrusted, but not Owner Tip #2: Exchange Your Concerns for His Care

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What do you think is on Martha Stewart’s Worry List?

Can we learn life lessons of how to deal with worry from America’s Decorating Diva, Martha Stewart?

Big Idea:

Having God as Owner, it’s a good thing!

Today we will explore God as Owner and how that impacts our lives and how we handle worry.


What causes you to worry? What problems came with you when you walked into the doors?

Why do we worry?

a. Concern over what we have responsibility for.

b. Care for those we love.

Or is it because we want to control? We want things to turn out just right . . . just so.

Group interaction:

Worry quiz . . .

On the cards provided, please write down your Worry list

If I were to listen to your cares, concerns, how would you describe them? What would I hear?

- My aches

- My boss

- My bills

- My kids

- My job

- My car broke down

- My house is a mess

- My marriage needs help

- My reputation is held hostage by false accusations

My Oh My! The list can go on.

But who’s problems are they?

Are these things really yours?

The Bible says that this isn’t the case.

It’s simply not true.

Psalms 24:1 It’s All God’s.

The earth is his, and everything in it.

Martha Stewart has made America beautiful. She has made homemaking and gardening into an art form. Women today compliment each other for their "Martha Moments" of grace and simple elegance. Yet with all her grace and skill, Martha has experienced troubles and trials. These are not "a good thing."

In her recent interview with Larry King, Martha Stewart described last Christmas as "the saddest holiday ever."

Quote "You have no idea how much worry and sadness and grief it causes."


I do not want to put Martha Stewart down. Nor is my point to badmouth her.

But like the rest of us, even Martha who always looks picture perfect, has worries and concerns.

What is on your worry list?

Persistent attacks of doubt, Gnawing thoughts of regret.

Regret has three sisters and they all live inside your head.

Sister #1 "Coulda" - I could have done things different

Sister #2 "Woulda" - Had I only known, I would have ...

Sister #3 "Shoulda" - I should have said something ...

Our temptation is to take action. To take control. To take action. Our temptation is to believe the lie that in order to have The Extravagant Life we must be grasping, getting all I can for myself.

But reality is that when we resolve the ownership issue, then we can simply live. We can experience God’s Life Plan, by allowing Him to be Owner of All.

Jesus had a trial “You can have it all! It can all be yours!”

– Satan, The Liar’s lie Matthew 4:9

Jesus faced the temptation of control and ownership, but He settled it once and for all.

God as Owner, well, It’s a Good thing.

Martha’s Trading Tip #1

I am Entrusted, but not Owner

I faithfully maximize what I can, but it’s not mine to fret over.

According to her website, Martha has four chow chow dogs. Their names are Zu-zu, Paw-Paw, Chin Chin and Empress Wu. (information source:

These precious animals know the hand that feeds them. And they don’t bite it! They know who cares for them.

Despite all Martha’s stress, pressure, and legal woes, do you think that her dogs worry?

Do you think that Empress Wu is worried about getting her walk?

Do you think that Paw-Paw is plagued with the possibilities of "what if?"

What about Zu-Zu? Or Chin Chin? Are they concerned about where their next meal will come from, or where they can get fresh water?

I don’t think so! These thoughts of worry don’t even cross their canine consciousness!

(I tried to get a phone interview with Martha Stewart to see if her concerns were affecting her dogs. I got as far as playing phone tag with her personal assistant in New York.)

“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?

Of course not.” – Jesus Matthew 6:27

Isaiah 1:3 The ox knows his owner, and yet God’s people aren’t as smart at an ox!

But are we as smart as Martha Stewart’s chow chow dogs?

Do you think that Martha will neglect these precious animals? No way! So why do you worry?

Each day I can choose to Enlist in service to the Owner. "It’s a Good Thing"

Martha’s Trading Tip #2

Exchange Your Concerns for His Care

1 Peter 5:7 Throw all anxiety on Jesus for He cares!

"Big Martha" - Martha’s Mom deals with worry with prayer. (Source:

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