Summary: God is in Control

When I hear the words of the song; ‘Mary did you know’ sang by Mark Lawry, I often wonder about Mary Magdalene and her story. I wonder as a musician if I could rearrange the words of the song to fit this Mary and her encounter with our Lord and Saviour. As I read and research into it I find compelling evidence that I am no different from Mary Magdalene.

She was a sinner who has been rejected by her people and an outcast that wasn’t accepted by her community. Yet, she was loved and accepted by Jesus. She has made some bad decision in her life; her actions could be seen in our world today as filth and dirty, she has been a sinner through and through. The consequence of her actions condemns her to die, but despise all that, she knew her only hope is at the feet of Jesus. It reminds me of another song that Bill Gaither and his Vocalist sing; ‘I Worship only at the Feet of Jesus, His cup alone my holy grail, There’ll be no other gods before Him, Just Jesus only, HE WILL NEVER FAIL.

I believe that this was Mary Magdalene’s attitude towards the difficulties of her life’s journey. Her anointing of Jesus feet before her enemies and against her own culture tells me that this lady was totally remorse for her pass action and fully committed to worship the only person that knows her worth in this whole story.

This same Mary was present at the crucifixion of Christ, while all of Jesus’ disciples flee and hide except for John. Mary stood there alongside Mary the mother of Jesus and others and grieves together with our Lord and Saviour.

Mary did you know?

She knew that the only person that accepted her for who she was, is now hanging on that tree and the very same people that wanted to condemn her earlier is now condemning Him to die. What hope does she have? As her tears fell to the ground her hope sank also with it. Her dreams and goals were crushed when the soldier drove the spear into Jesus’ side. And then she heard Jesus cried “It Is Finished” (John 19:30) She must have asked herself the question; what has finished?

Mary did you know?

Mary could not wait till morning to get to the tomb, she was so eager to get some flowers to Jesus’ grave but she was so shocked when she saw the tomb was open. She cannot believe her eyes and what she was seeing. Is it really true that the grave is open? Who would have done this?

From excitement to disappointment, from hope to fear and from enthusiastic to sadness. This can’t be right! I am sure the Romans must have stolen or moved His body so that we could not worship Him.

Mary witness the death of Jesus, she witness His body been put in there, she also knew that the soldiers have sealed it with the Roman seal. She is confused, sad and angry.

Mary did you know?

Mary totally forgot who she was dealing with. She forgot the time at her brother’s funeral, the very same Jesus who called out to her brother Lazarus to come out was the same One that was put in this grave.

Couldn’t she remember His powerful words to her sister Martha; “I AM the Resurrection and Life” (John 11:25) How could she forgot, it was only a few weeks ago.

Her sorrow, tears and disbelief blinded her from seeing beyond the window of her heart. From a broken heart and a mind full of grief and sorrow cause her to forget about the Man who once said; “neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more” (John 8:11).

Mary did you know?

I could not blame her for been confused and blinded. She loved the Lord! She had hope in the Lord. She knew that the only thing matter in her life is Jesus. She did all she could do for Him while He was alive to show how much she loves Him and how much she was so thankful for saving her from sin and forgives her fully.

Mary did you know?

Life is like that to you and me. One moment we are in our hill top experience (Mark 9:5) and out of the blue the carpet is pull from under our feet. It could come in a form of a broken relationship, debt, sickness, death, unemployment, accident etc...

Whatever it is I want you to know that you’re not alone. Thousands of people out there are in the same boat. As the fearsome wind of pain and the crushing waves of life drops down on us. Remember who we are; Children of the Living God, Sons and Daughters of the Creator God, Prince and Princess of the King.

So the question is not that Mary did you know?

The real question is; WHO DO YOU KNOW?

Robert F Collins

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