Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Focus on the dialogue between Mary and Jesus and principles we can learn from it.

Series ---- People Jesus met as recorded in Gospel of John

Title: Mary, the mother of Jesus

Text: John 2:1-11


We continue our series of messages on people Jesus met as recorded in the Gospel of John. Today we shall study about Mary the mother of Jesus. Obviously, Jesus met His mother a long time before the event in John 2. However, the interchange between them is very interesting and insightful for us to study.

We are indebted to Luke’s Gospel account for the report about Mary’s encounter with the angel who told her she was going to give birth to the Savior.

Please turn to John 2. Please stand in honor of the reading of the Word of God. READ verses 1-5.

We are not going to spend much time on the miracle itself, which was what we did last year. Today we are focusing on the fascinating dialogue between Jesus and His mother, Mary.

I. Mary’s report “they have no more wine” v. 3

Jewish wedding we big events and sometimes lasted a full week. It is believed by many historians that the couple being married was either close friends or even family members of Mary’s. As part of Mary’s report to Jesus we observe two things:

A. Her report to Jesus was motivated by love.

Mary the mother of Jesus learned of a problem “they have no more wine” to serve to the guests. Her concern for them moved her to action. She knew the embarrassment of running out of food or wine would be terrible.

Mary sets an example for you and me to help others. What good is our faith if it doesn’t help other people? We must get out of the salt shaker and get into the world. We must get out of our comfort zones and be willing to get dirty if necessary to minister to other people.

Mary was sensitive to the needs of the couple getting married and their parents and she tried to help. Mary could have turned away and pretend she didn’t see the problem like many people do in our society. Mary didn’t do these things and she got involved to help them.

Do you really care about other people and their hurts and needs? I would guess every one of you said yes to yourself. When was the last time you did something to show it and what did you do?

B. She knew the problem should be centered on Jesus.

Mary wasn’t sure what to do to help, but she knew that her son Jesus could do something about it. Whether Mary expected Jesus to perform a miracle we can’t be sure. Since He had not done any miracles up to this point, it seems unlikely that she would expect that. However, Luke 2:51 tells us Mary “treasured” these things in her heart. She knew who Jesus really was and why He came to earth.

I love the fact that Mary went to Jesus with the problem. This sets a great precedent for you and me when we have a problem we should go to Jesus to meet it. What problem do you have today? What is your need that you need to take to Jesus?

II. Jesus’ response to Mary’s report

Now, let’s look at the response Jesus gave to His mother concerning this report. He makes two statements:

A. Dear woman, why do you involve me?

Some people feel Jesus is being rude or dishonorable to Mary by calling her “woman” instead of mother. The Bible is very clear we are to honor our father and mother all the days of our lives (Exodus 20:12). Children, do you understand? This means no arguing with your parents, doing what you are told to do the first time, and respecting them in word and behavior. Children, let me see you shake you head in agreement that you are going to honor your parents. (pause)

Jesus did not dishonor His mother with this statement. The word “woman” is the same Greek word Jesus used from the cross when He instructed Mary to go to His friend John the Apostle (John 19:25-27). I like the fact the NIV translators have added the word “dear” before woman to soften the sound of this phrase.

Some of the various translations of the second phrase are:

• Holman --- What has this concern or yours to do with Me, woman?

• NEB --- your concern, woman, is not mine

• Living Bible --- woman, I can’t help you now.

Although Jesus is being honorable to His mother, He has cut the apron strings and His human relationship with her is not as important as His relationship with God the Father. We have another illustration of this truth in Matthew 12:46-50 READ.

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