Summary: Massaging the Mosque

John 14, “6Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.”

Our culture tends to lean towards cherishing an ideal or tolerating an ideal that runs counter to its foundation. Instead of loving Christ, our culture massages the false teachers and false churches of our day. In a real sense, society is massaging the mosque, the place of Islamic worship. Jesus said that He is the Way the Truth and the Life, that doesn’t mean that Christianity is inclusive of other religions because it is not. We are to love those who stand in opposition to the truth but not massage them and comfort them in their sinfulness. This is the problem with our society of neopaganism and postmodernism. They would rather have a multitude of truths within a given truth and a philosophical reasoning rather than a set moral standard. So therefore we are massaging the mosque by supporting the mosque and its work instead of the work of the Cross.

Our culture does this through our media which leans more towards the liberal agenda than towards the nature and work of the conservatives, which I realize is for some okay and for others not okay, I’m not here to take political sides, or spark a political revolution rather to point out the fact of the nature of the mosque verses the nature of the church. Why is this important anyone? Jesus said that He was the Way, Truth, and the Life. If Jesus isn’t the Way, Truth and the Life, the problem is far more complex than we have ever imagined.

Our culture would love to lead us down the slipper slope and down the line of reason so lets follow that reasoning for awhile. In our politics, you tend to lean towards one party or another usually depending upon your religious preference and upbringing, so with that in mind here we go. The liberal media today would love for us to accept the Mosque, because it represents something that is far more in their eyes than the Church. The church isn’t inclusive of others and the Mosque supposedly is? Of course were talking about the same Islam that butchers and kills people that has been the greatest persecutor of the Christian faih in recorded history, the same Islam that massacred Jews, Hindu’s, Buddhists, and the same Islam that is threatening the world with its hate in terrorism, and yes were talking about the same Islam where its founder killed off the Jewish clans and then moved on to town after town conquering everywhere he went. Just for the historical record, it was not the Byzantine Empire that struck the Islamic world and thus sparked the Crusades; rather it was the threat of the Muslims that sparked the Crusades and the Pope’s decision to defend itself, much as America defends itself today.

Now we see how slippery this sloop really is, it will lead us to hell and a hand basket in a hurry as we see even leading us away from the Way, Truth, and the Life, which complicates the issue even further. Perhaps its time instead of adopting the attitude of tolerance that we instead let the reality of Christ’s sacrifice smack us in the face for Jesus said that He was the Way, the Truth and the Life. Perhaps that truth ought to hit us harder than it ever has in our world today, and its importance for today.

Our culture cherishes the notion and nature of itself. Tolerance is not an excuse for comforting sin and letting people go to hell. Some have cherished the liberal media when in fact it is the Christians who hold the overwhelming majority. If we took our faith so seriously then we would elect officials to our government who stood for godly policies on the issues that are facing our day and times. Instead of dealing fairly and justly as rulers in our land; our rulers wish to comfort and massage one another banks accounts and support each other in anyway that they can.

Where are the godly leaders in our land, and why is the church the Body of Christ, the living representation of the Lord Jesus Christ not calling our and making more noise about the sins being committed in our land in the name of tolerance! Yet what we have seen today is that the liberal media is the one to blame, but it not just the liberal media, but the liberal universities poising our minds, and I’m not just saying liberals here either, but conservatives as well. But yet we all have differing opinions and that’s okay, but its not about being tolerant its about being godly, its about following Christ for He is our bedrock and our foundation. Jesus didn’t call us to have a comfortable faith but an extreme faith.

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