Summary: Christ has given us certain treasures that we are to maximize in order to move forward in our faith.

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In this “The Parable of the Householder,” Jesus compares believers to “masters of the household.” The Lord wants us to recognize that He has placed us ‘in charge’ of our divinely-designed destiny. We are the masters of the ‘treasurers’ He has given us.

Yes, God has granted us rich resources to meet any challenge facing us. Therefore, because of our ‘treasures’ there is hope regardless of how hopeless our situations, circumstances, and conditions are. But not only that but ‘As masters, we have authority.’ The Lord, here, does not liken His disciples to house help, field hands, yard workers, or gatekeepers in this passage. No, He left us in a position to give orders. As a matter of fact, He’s looking for us keep things ‘in order’ until He gets back.

‘As masters, we have liberties.’ We’re not restricted in caring for the household. God has faith in us to do what needs to be done. He gives us privileges that others do not receive. He empowers us to be free to exercise our gifts and talents in His service. He’s given us “the keys to the kingdom” to “loose and bind” whatever is necessary to get the job done.

But, my brothers and sisters, we have to understand that in giving us the keys Jesus meant that there are some things that He will do only after we do our part. That’s why He said, “whatsoever YE bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven. And whatsoever YE loose on earth, will be loosed in heaven. In other words, God works when we get busy. Ain’t sense in us excepting God to make changes in us or anything we do unless we ourselves are willing to change and willing to do our part.

Not only do we have authority, and not only do we have liberty, but ‘As masters, we have access to resources.’ God would not put us in charge and grant us liberties without providing us with the resources to fulfill our mastering duties. In other words, we have goods to work with. No Kingdom-builder serves empty handed. No, my brothers and sisters, God has left us with timely tools and rich resources to master the house.

And so, this parable recognizes that Kingdom-minded disciples maximize the usage of the treasures at their disposal. Kingdom-minded disciples understand Kingdom principals and precepts.

Kingdom-minded disciples ‘learn from their past, interpret their present, and build for their future.’

Matthew 13 contains six parables, or six metaphors, or six short stories - all focused on Kingdom building. And after Jesus told five of them, He then asked His disciples, “Have you understood all this?” To which the disciples answered “Yes.”

Now, let me say here that when you say “Yes” to a question like that, it means that you understand what’s necessary to get a job done and then, you do it. And I believe that if we are serious about Kingdom building, than we’ve got to get off our blessed assurance and just do it!

For when we do it…

--When we use our gifts and talents together, we build for our future!

When we do it…

--When we maximize our resources together, we can help one another more!

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