Summary: An examination of Matthew’s calling to be a disciple; which also applies to our calling to serve Christ faithfully!

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Matthew is called … and so are YOU!

Matthew 9:9-13


Matthew was called because Jesus went to find Him

Point 1 – Matthew’s Response (v9)

- Jesus saw, but he could only see if he went out to find someone

- We must get out and “do the stuff”

- There is no delay – delaying keeps people from heaven

- Matthew was called; once; and then he moved

- Is Jesus calling today? Absolutely!!

- Will we move? Will we bothered to get up and go?

- Matthew got up and followed; also see Matthew 4:19

Point 2 – Jesus seeks out sinners (v10-11)

- He fellowshipped, loved, and worshipped with them

- Are sinners welcomed in our church?

- How about in your own house?

- The world / religious scenario of this world do not understand

- WHY would Jesus eat with sinners?

- The religious of the time sought to bring confusion to the disciples

-- They cast doubt about Jesus’ to His closest followers

-- The world does the same today to us!

- Because they (WE) needed Him – desperately!

Point 3 – Righteous are not who Jesus is looking for (v12-13)

- Feel good? We don’t need a doctor when we are not sick; the lost ARE sick!


- Jesus comes to show us mercy because we desperately need it

- Righteous are not called; the religious are not called

- The puffed up/prideful are not called

- Romans 3:10 … “there are NONE who are righteous”!


Every eye closed and every head bowed

Invitation for salvation and repentance; it’s the only way to Heaven

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