Summary: When we submit to Christ, we will be able to praise the Lord who saved us.

I Peter 2:1-25

August 13, 2008

Pastor John L. Harper

“Maturity through Submission”

Introduction: (vs. 1-3)

• Lay aside all evil speaking

• Desire the milk of the Word

• See that the Lord is gracious

I. The Practice of Proclamation (vs. 4-10)

A. Recognize you are a “living’ stone”

1. Rejected by men

2. But chosen by God

B. You are being placed in God’s House

1. You are His holy priest

2. We who believe in Christ will not be ashamed

3. Christ is precious to those who believe

4. Christ is a stumbling block to those who don’t believe

a. They become disobedient to the Word

b. They were appointed to obey the Word

C. You are a chosen people

1. His chosen generation

2. His holy priesthood

3. His holy nation

4. His own people to proclaim what He has done for us

a. He has called us out of darkness into the light

b. He has been merciful to those who did not deserve it

II. The Position of Influence (vs. 11-17)

A. As pilgrims and strangers

1. Flee from the lusts of the flesh that battle against the soul.

2. Let honor be the word that is associated with your conduct

3. Let others glorify God because of your good works

B. Submit to the authorities in your life

1. Obey the laws of the king (for the Lord’s sake)

2. Obey the laws of the governor (for the Lord’s sake)

a. Honor those he sends to carry out the law

b. He will punish those who disobey, but will commend those who obey.

3. This is God’s Will

a. Let your good leave evil men speechless

b. Use your liberty to promote holiness, not hide sin

c. Honor everyone

(1) Love the brotherhood

(2) Fear God

(3) Honor the King

III. The Patience of Submission (vs. 18-25)

A. Employees submit to your employers

1. In fear

2. To the good and gentle ones

3. To the harsh ones as well

B. Submission is commendable

1. God is watching when you suffer wrongfully

2. God is pleased when you do good, and don’t complain about suffering.

3. Christ is our example of suffering

a. He suffered for us

b. We should follow in His steps

C. Christ’s example of submission to suffering

1. He did not insult when He was insulted

2. He did not threaten when He was suffering

3. He committed himself to the Righteous Judge

a. He bore our sins on the Cross

b. He died so that we might live for righteousness

c. We were healed by His stripes

4. We have returned to Christ and submitted because of His example.

a. He is our shepherd

b. He is the overseer of our souls


• You will be able to proclaim His praise as you submit to His “construction”.

• You will wield your influence as you submit to the local authorities.

• You will not go astray when you see the submission of Christ.

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