Summary: Passover and the Lord’s supper. Jesus comes to us first, knowing our failure, yet pursuing a relationship anyway.

Preparing for Passover.We are finding out more of who Jesus is.The more we look – the more complex we find Jesus is.

Today we Jesus fully aware of what will happen to him, But he is in control – events do not control him, even with foreboding shadows coming Jesus is obedient to his calling. We also see that Jesus institutes the Lord’s supper with great care. The significance of this meal is astounding and those who participate in this meal lay out claims upon themselves: 1. Jesus is the True Messiah. 2. I join in all that it means to follow Jesus.

We saw that Jesus is not impressed with what we are impressed with. Jesus is Divine. Awesome Divine. Overwhelming Divine.

We pretend to think we know what Jesus is thinking – but we don’t.

Let’s begin with Jesus’ preparations for the meal. Several weeks ago we saw how Jesus Christ will go before us to prepare a way. I have a difficult situation ahead, I give it to the Lord – through prayer, He will go ahead to prepare a way for me. Here we see this concept with Jesus asking his disciples to prepare for the Passover. 13 So he sent two of his disciples, telling them, “Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him. 14 Say to the owner of the house he enters, ‘The Teacher asks: Where is my guest room,

where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?’ 15 He will show you a large upper room, furnished and ready. Make preparations for us there.”

That is pretty specific. When the disciples arrive they not only find the place ready, but every detail...Every - detail. Jesus doesn’t just have everything done- He has prepared a way.

Turn Key Houses.

There are houses ready to move in called turn key houses. You fill out detailed questions and interview. Pluck down your cash and the house is built according to your likes, preferences and needs. It is fully stocked and ready to go.

You drive home. Open fridge – everything’s there – your favorite stuff.

Same with cabinets, the TV is preprogrammed to favorite channels...Open you closet new clothes, shoes – exactly your size. Prepared for you as you like it…..You still have to clean up.

The closest I’ve come is a rental car actually in the parking space they say it would be in.

We see later as the new church grows, Jesus preparing hearts ahead.

Side note: This is how it always is. Though we think it is our great skill, it is the Holy Spirit who convicts. The Holy Spirit alone. When we are in the presence of someone who becomes a Christian. It is because the Lord has Gone Ahead – prepared a way. Jesus prepares the way – so that the disciples will receive, and understand.

This is My Body….This Is My Blood. How literal should we take this?

This is what Jesus says doesn’t he? Shouldn’t we take Jesus at his word?

Three Traditions. View 1 – Take Jesus At His Word. When he says this is my body and blood, it literally is. When we have communion, Bread is Jesus body, Wine/Juice his blood.

View 2 – Jesus is using an Illustration. Bread is Bread. Wine is Wine.

Story – Was that communion?

I was visiting a church and the announced they were having communion and then went on with some ohters things. A little later on the plate came by while announcements were going on. What’s up with that? I communion so unimportant we just pass over it?

View 3 – Jesus is using symbolic language. Yes bread is bread. Yes wine is wine, yet the Holy Spirit is powerfully present. This is a Sacred time between the church and God.

Understanding the Passover Meal. Passover. This parallels the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Exodus 12:4-7

Lamb w/o defect; slaughtered; blood on doorframes

Exodus 12: 8

Bitter herds; Bread w/o yeast –

Exodus 12:12

The Lord will Passover

Exodus 12:13

Because of the blood

The meal remembers the saving grace of the Lord Yahweh, through the blood of the Lamb – they are saved. The nation of Israel is restored though the exodus. Jesus will restore the nation (spiritually) by his death and resurrection. This background informs us that Jesus’ death is an atoning death, it is not martyrdom. Jesus isn’t dying for a cause. He is dying to atone for our sins to bring us back into relationship with God. Understanding these elements in the Passover meal which the disciples are eating, Jesus institutes the Lord’s Supper.

How the Lords Supper Fits Into Passover. First Jesus takes the bread. This is to be taken, the bread, represents me in the Passover meal, every element is a representation. Jesus is paralleling himself to the Passover in redemption. Jesus is paralleling the symbolic representation also. Jesus has identified himself as the apiqomen “the one who come” the messiah. This is the apiqomen – this bread. By taking and eating they are demonstrating that they believe Jesus is the messiah. When we take the bread and eat – we demonstrate the same. This is why believers are invited, otherwise we lie directly to God.

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