Summary: If I could persuade you to do just one thing in this life it would not be to become a millionaire or to do some magnificent feat for fame. It would be to turn to Jesus as your Savior.

INTRO: The word "persuade" means "to convince, win over or convert"

I believe that you and I are responsible for presenting the facts of the Gospel. Preach the truth without comprimise. But the Holy Spirit is who works the convincing in the person’s heart.

We don’t convert, convince or win over anyone. It is the Holy Spirit who does the work once we deliver the message.

See, King Agrippa was almost persuaded by Paul to "BE" a christian. The evidence was compelling but King Agrippa wanted to yield to noone.


There are many today who say they believe in Jesus, the Christ, yet their lives fall short in convincing others of this truth. I’m afraid that many more people know of Him instead of know Him.

What would it take to absolutely persuade you that Jesus IS Lord and that one day you will meet Him face to face. And in this meeting He will either be your greatest dream or your worst nightmare. The choice is yours!

Three things that may persuade you to follow Christ.


A. You may deny Him but you can’t deny what He has done in the lives of countless others.

-deliverance from sin...(alcohol, drugs, pornography,


-deliverance from self...(Phsycological disorders,

depression, abuse, etc.)

-deliverance from satan...(witchcraft, demonism,

astrology, homosexuality, etc.)

B. You may deny Him but you can’t deny His love for YOU!

His death upon the cross was for you!

It is His grace that saves us! If we could earn it then Jesus died in vain and our faith is hopeless. That Amazing Grace that reaches through our sin and rebellion and touches our hearts to persuade us of the truth of Christ.

Some folks boast of finding Christ but what they don’t realize is that Christ found THEM!

I wasn’t looking for Jesus when I prayed to give my life to Him...He came and found me and got ahold of me! I had to make a choice, it was do or die! I felt the "born again" feeling of the weight of sin being lifted and the birds singing and the colors brightening. I was set free from sin and set at liberty to serve Christ...Glory!

You can’t deny His Grace toward others and towards you.


Many cult leaders lead their followers to death with them. Jesus died FOR His followers.

A. He paid the price for our sin...

B. He became sin for us...

C. He, for the first time in eternity, was separated from the Father for us...


A. He conquered death, hell and sin through His resurrection.

B. One day the church will be caught up to be with Him...

C. He’s coming back as the Avenger and Judge to destroy the non-believing, and His enemies...

-the enemy will be destroyed

-the righteous will be vindicated

-they will never crucify Him again

-He’s coming again in all His glory with the angels of Heaven, as King of Kings, Lord of Lord’s, the Lion of Judah,...etc.

If all this doesn’t persuade you then you are hopeless. Without hope. How can God have done anymore to save us by His love?

He has done it all, is doing it all and will complete it at that last day!

Don’t miss Heaven because of pride or ego. Not because of what someone might think. Hell is real and Heaven can be yours...

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