Summary: Living in the Spirit

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Intro: years ago they started advertising this new movie Star Wars so I called a friend up and asked him if he wanted to go opening night. I said, we better show up a little early, there may be a line. When we arrived, there was about 3000 people lined up, there wasn’t even one parking place at the mall down the road. It took us four weeks to finally see that show, and the most famous line that came out of Star Wars was, may the force be with you. Today, with the last in the sequel showing, I would like to title my message with that famous line.

May The Force Be With You

Acts 1:8

Background: Jesus before His ascension gave this word, you are going to receive power when the Holy Ghost comes. Every church, no matter the label has it’s origination in Pentecost. Every believer is giving the promise of the Father. We aren’t to operate by ourselves, but with the power of God.

Today, may the force be with you.

The Holy Spirit is a

I. Comforter—John 14:26-which is the Holy Ghost, the Father will send to you. You hear Jesus in many instances declare that when He is gone, the Holy Spirit will be sent to help people. It is totally essential for people to understand, the working of the Holy Spirit isn’t a Pentecostal church thing only, but for every believer.

I like comforters, because they totally wrap around you. On a cold night in Maine, the worst thing you can have is a blanket that is too short and too thin. To me, I think of that giant comforter when I think of the Holy Spirit, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a total covering of our lives.

No better place do you see the Comforter at work then at funerals. Ill) years ago a black lady who was a cook at the Gunter mess hall where I worked had a tragedy. Her sons went fishing, and two fell into the river, another son tried to save them, she lost three sons in one day. When she came back to work everyone wondered how she could go on. I still remember her saying, in this tragedy I still sense the presence of God, and I will go on.

The Holy Spirit is there to cover us, help us in trials, comfort us in loss. Jesus knew we faced battles, and struggles, so He said, I will not leave you alone.

Ill) a few years ago I was called by a family who had no church connection to do a graveside funeral. Mr. Jeffcoat was the director. At the end of the funeral service, they turned on a jukebox playing there’s going to be a party tonight, and as it played they all poured beer over the casket. Mr. Jeffcoat looked at me and said, preacher, that’s a first for me. This world has no comfort to offer for our pain.

II. Power—Luke 24:49—ye shall be endued with power from on high. Another aspect of having the Holy Spirit operating in our lives, is that the Holy Spirit gives us power. The early church wasn’t just built off preaching, but signs and wonders accompanied believers.

I love reading stories in the book of Acts because it shows how the early church operated. Here are some stories of power.

a. When Peter laid hands on people and they received the Holy Spirit, it was such an amazing thing that the town sorcerer, Simon, asked if he could buy this power from Peter.

b. After the shipwreck Paul ended up on the island of Melita and while gathering some wood for a fire, a viper latched onto his hand. The islanders all said, this man is surely a murderer because even though he escaped the sea, vengeance suffereth him not to live. But after a while that he should be swollen or drop dead, and didn’t; they said, he must be a God.

III. Reprover—John 16:7-8 He will reprove the world of sin. One of the important ministries of the Holy Spirit is what we call conviction. It is greater than our conscience, the Holy Spirit can move and people can sense their sins and their need of God.

Ill) Jonathan Edwards—sinners in the hands of an angry God, it is documented that people left finger imprints on tops of the wooded pews under the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

The bible teaches no man calls Jesus Lord accept the Spirit draws him. The great D.L. Moody said this about his conversion experience, there seemed to be an unusual warming sensation as my heart was moved toward God.

IV. Spirit of Truth—John 16:13 the last teaching we will mention on the Holy Spirit, is that He is the Spirit of Truth. All truth is revealed by spiritual revelation, not carnal intellectualism.

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