Summary: How do you lose your soul? It’s a slow progression.

Jesus had a lot to say but sometimes people wouldn’t listen.

They say that preaching is the fine art of talking in someone else’s sleep.

There was a man that was so preoccupied with other thoughts that he missed what Jesus had to say.

I want you to hear what Jesus is saying!

Jesus sermon outline:

1-Be careful at play acting at your religion. (Verse 1-3)

Putting on a mask!

You need not tell me what you believe, show me how you spend your time and I’ll tell you what you believe.

I’ve heard that the church is full of hypocrite’s. No, it’s full of imperfect people.

Imperfection and hypocrisy are not the same.

Don’t try to put on an act, be real!

2-Is don’t fear but be calm. (Verse 4-7)

God is taking care of you!

That’s a promise that you can take with you everyday!

3-Don’t deny but commit yourself to God! (Verse 8-10)

4-Be confident that the Spirit of God is going to be with you. (Verse 11-12)

And when you depend on God and the Holy Spirit, They will help you to say, react, to behave, in a way that is pleasing to God.

But there was one, who was so filled with resentment, so filled with anger, he was so preoccupied with things, that he missed this message. And He interrupted Jesus in the middle of His sermon.

Verse l3—Tell him what to do!

He didn’t ask for counselling, he didn’t ask for arbitration.

He didn’t say, "Lord, will you help me with this problem?"

He just said, "Get him!"

People want to use Jesus like that!

Jesus response is blunt, because he was trying to get this man to see something.

This man wanted Jesus to do something and Jesus wanted this man to see something about himself.

Jesus is saying, "I’m not here to referee, Anyway the problem is not with your brother, the problem is with yourself."

But all you can see is your brother and what the problem is, and what you think the solution is.

Beware Of Taking Your Eyes Of The Creator And Having Them On The Creation!

The Miser—A man calls up this very rich man in the community and says, “Our records shows that you have never given to our charity and we were wondering if you would like to donate?“ The rich man replied, “Does your record show I have a elderly mother who

was left penniless when my father died, a disabled brother who is unable to work,

or a widowed sister with small children who can barely make ends meet?”

“No, sir, our records don’t show those things.”

"Well, If I don’t give to them, what makes you think I would give to you!”

6—I’ s and 5—My’ s….Me,Myself and I

He doesn’t talk to God or anyone else, just himself!

This wasn’t a bad man

The thing in this man’s life are wonderful qualities.

A hard worker, an organizer, he believe in progress, he’s moral—he’s not selling drugs, he’s growing food.

The man’s problem was his priorities was all mess up.

The man who interrupted Jesus was just like the man in the parable, they were both consumed with material things.

The man who interrupted Jesus was more worried about doing rather than being,

about having rather than becoming.

How do you lose your soul? It’s a slow progression.

The guy who he was talking to and the guy in the parable, had not put first things first!

Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.

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