Summary: It’s Christmas time, when we say the name itself there is joy in many of our faces. It’s a time of joy, hope, and celebration on a large scale in many parts of the world. The question here is, these celebrations did it in any way related to the true meaning of Christmas.

As you gather with your family to give thanks, with a new dress, bright lights, and rich food, remember to give your clean life to the Lord. Let your brutality of disobedience for this far disappear leading up to beautiful worship to the everlasting King.

In the commercial world, every belief, faith, and opportunity are taken for business purposes and Christmas wasn’t excluded. Today every part of the world celebrates it without even knowing the meaning and the origin of Christmas. It is true that there are more controversial theological debates, why we should celebrate it? Besides that, I have always seen Christmas as an opportunity to bring joy and hope to the poor, not as a pagan festival.

When you call someone with a name, who reveals that you know him, you give an identity to the person you are calling, possibilities that your relationship could build stronger. We have a name to call on, and that name is Jesus Christ. Let Christ be the center and let him stand out in all our activities during this Christmas. In the world where the only celebration is focused without Christ, let's take an oath that we make the Lord’s name stand out.

Hence making every effort to make the name of the Lord be glorified than pleasing any man, including you. It is worth remembering what would Jesus do, in the 2020 Christmas celebration, instead of campaigning, how our neighbor has lavished his celebration. May God bring the heavenly blessings on you as you keep Christ in center in everything you do.

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