Summary: This is a wedding sermon that expresses the providence of God within the covenant of marriage.

“Meant For Each Other” Adam and Sara

What a truly wonderful day this is! Today, the Great I AM, Jehovah God himself has call us all together, as brothers and sisters in Christ, to witness this Holy covenant made between Him and Adam and Sara. We know throughout history, God has dealt with man by forging covenants; With Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, David, Isaac and Jacob and with each of us. For you see, there are three persons in a Christian marriage; The Bride, the Groom, and God. And they vow a covenant between the three.

A covenant is like a contract. God says, if you live according to my precepts, then I will bless you and I will bless your marriage. And in this marriage, each partner will be a beautiful blessing to the other. And love will preside over their lives. And according to God’s will, if children come. They will be the fruit of this marriage covenant made. The children will be special in God’s eyes because they are born within the covenant and not outside it.

I believe in God. I believe that he is the Great I Am…..The only worthy one. He is ever present, and all knowing and I believe that He controls everything….Every bug in the ground and every bird in the sky. Some may scoff and say that God is too busy to care about the little things in life, but I say they don’t know the God I know. He is beyond our recognition. He is far above any thought that we might have. He is magnificent!

And, as the Bible relates to us over and over again, He has a plan for each of us; A purpose for our being. We are told that he numbers our days even before we were born. And in Ephesians 1:4-5 we are told that he chose us to be his adopted children through Jesus Christ even before he made the universe. That, my friends, is an awesome God! And if He knew us before the creation of the world, then we can know that just as God created Eve for our father Adam, he created Sara for our son Adam. Yes I believe that this a marriage made in heaven. God meant for them to be together. He made them for each other.

And now…I Charge you both, to keep Jesus in your marriage. Stay close and serve Him. Always strive to make God happy by the way you live your lives. And never forget that the greatest love of all, the love that Jesus has for you…. so much, that he paid your sin debt surrendering His life for you and for us all.

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

What a wonderful day indeed! A day we will not soon forget. For today we have seen the providence of God revealed once again in this Holy estate. Amen

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