Summary: What being meek means, and how do we apply it in the world we live in,

Matthew 5:5-Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed-True happiness is within. Not in pleasure, wealth, etc.

A missionary in Jamaica was once questioning some boys on the meaning of this text, and asked, "Who are the meek?" A boy answered, "Those who give soft answers to rough questions."

Meek-Replace that word with…Submissive!

Blessed are the submissive!

Remember last week I said that each beatitude is related to one another….

Poor in spirit-Realizing the need for God, that we are spirituality bankrupt without Him.

Mourn-That we mourn over our sins and what sin has done to mankind!

Meek-Because we realize our need for God, and our sins, now we submit to God and His plan for our life!

I believe there are two ways we submit to God

1-We submit to His will, instead of ours!

We become blessed when we start doing things His way!

Many of the problems that we face is a direct result of trying to do things our way, and many times that is why those problems linger so long, because of our unwillingness to submit to God’s will!

2-We have to submit to His word!

The problem we have so many times is questioning God’s will, God’s plan, and God’s word and it is hard to submit to something we have doubts about!

We have to learn to submit to God’s word because that is were blessings are!

Everyone that has submitted to God’s word has received blessings, their lives have been enriched, and they have been able to pass those blessing on to others!!

For they shall inherit the earth-”I’m top of the world!”

Seems like everybody wants to rule the world!

There are so many people trying to climb the corporate ladder of success, so they will be on top!

And they are willing to do just about anything to reach that goal, lying, cheating, stealing, back stabbing, it doesn’t matter who they step on, on the way up!

And Jesus is basically saying, “You want to have what everybody else is fighting over to have, then submit to God and you will inherit it!”

The first shall be last and the last shall be first!

You are not going to want this old world (That wouldn’t be much of inheritance), by the time mankind gets thru rebelling against God, because God is going to pour out His wrath, not only on the people but also on this old world because of man’s unwillingness to submit to God!

I think that is why we find this promise found in the Bible:

Rev. 21:1-Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea

Are you willing to be instructed by God?

Are you willing to submit yourself to God?

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