Summary: Moments are created to last a lifetime

Memorable moments

Key Scripture: Genesis 45:8

So now it was not you who sent me here, but God; and He has made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt.

There are many events that take place in our lives that leave an imprint in our minds. When we read the story of how Joseph revealed himself to his brothers and their reconciliation with one another, we see that is was truly memorable. Emotions often leave permanent imprints. For Joseph, it was impossible to hide his tears or restrain his love and for the brothers, they could not forget their guilt and their conscience now comes to the surface in this awful moment of truth. It was indeed a moment that was memorable. For Joseph it was a moment of revelation and reconciliation, and for the brothers, it was a moment of recollection as well as repentance and such moments never occur without leaving their mark.

1. The moment was memorable because of discovery.

There are events that take place in history that we call discovery. Take for example America, the moon and the North Pole. Each of these discoveries was a memorable event. A scientist was once asked what is the greatest discovery that he had ever made and his reply was that he was a great sinner and Jesus was and is a great Saviour.

1.1 Joseph makes himself known to his brothers. (Gen 45:1-5) They been separated from each other for fifteen years and time has a way of erasing the past, wickedness and guilt. Joseph’s sudden revelation of himself, in a moment brought remembrance. The brothers remembered their wicked treatment of their estranged brother

1. Joseph was full of compassion, because of the tears he cried. Jesus likewise wept tears of compassion over an estranged city by the name of Jerusalem. (Luke 19:41). When we are able to shed tears of compassion over people that have hurt us and ill-treated us, it is a memorable moment.

2. Joseph took the initiative and did not delegate the responsibility of making himself known to others. Jesus, in this sense, is very similar in that He personally came to earth to make Himself known. There is a lot we can learn from Joseph in what he did not do as well as what he did do. He never reprimanded his brothers or remind them of the deeds that they did towards him. He could have said, “I told you so,” but he refrained. The brothers were now at Joseph’s mercy, so he could have taken revenge on them. He could have shown them a cynical spirit that God does not seem to intervene when His people suffer but instead He showed love and compassion. It takes a moment of greatness when a man takes the initiative to forgive those who have mistreated him.

3. We see Joseph’s forgiveness, and we see Jesus in him, as He took the initiative and loved and forgave those that were His enemies, which is indeed a moment that is memorable.

1.2 The brothers discover their sin. The discovery was new, but the sin was old. When a man comes face to face with his sins, it is always a memorable experience. For Isaiah, it was a moment of renewal, for Job a moment of repentance and for the prodigal it was a moment of restoration.

God’s goodness has a strange way of helping us forget the past, uncover the hidden, and we must come face to face with that which we have ignored.

2. The moment was memorable because of testimony. (Gen 45:6-9)

Joseph recalls the trials he had been through in his life. He saw the pit that he was thrown into by his brothers. He was sold into slavery by his brothers. He reflected on the scheme of Potiphar’s wife, resulting in him being thrown into prison. He may even have remembered the dream of the butler that he interpreted and thought that his hour of deliverance had come, but in the midst of the trials, he could see God’s hand. In Genesis 45:5-9 Joseph used God’s name four times to remind his brothers of what He had done for him. Every activity revealed God’s sovereign hand moving on behalf of his people. Joseph testified about how God brought good out of evil and shown Himself mightily.

2.1 Joseph’s testimony shows God is in absolute control over all creatures and over every situation. (Gen 45:5). The plots, the pit and the dungeon were all designs of men, but were also in the purpose and plans of God. Joseph’s millstones around his neck became stepping stones in order for him to walk the pathway of success and victory.

2.2 Joseph’s testimony shows that while God may be slow to our thinking, He is always sure. When we read the Bible, we become aware of God’s way in history, but when you have to wait patiently for God’s timing, it is quite another thing.

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