Summary: This sermon deals with men of God who are sought for His kingdom. First the Law keepers, law of the nation as well as the Kingdom of God. The attitude of the Rich people,. Righteous and their values.

Men Sought by God

Proverbs 28:07-14

We are meditating on the men who are sought by God based on Ezek.22:30, Prov.8:34, Prov. 14:1-14 and now 28:7-14

Law keepers (28:07)

Those who keep the Law strive with wicked but those who forsake the law praise them (28:4). The prayer of the one who doesn’t listen to the law is abominable to the Lord (28:9).

Those who forsake the law are companions of the gluttons (28:7). 20:17-bread obtained by false hood is sweet but the throat is filled with gravel. 23:2-3: the party food is deceptive food, keep knife at your throat. 23:21-heavy drinks lead you to poverty, drowsiness will cloth a man with rags. PS: 78:18-Food of desire by testing God; v.30-while the food was in their mouth God struck them. Dan 1:8- defiling food. Heb 12:16-Esau was immoral and Godless person who sold his birth right for a single meal. Dt.21:20-The glutton and drunkard will be stubborn and rebellious. The word of the Lord is sweeter than honey and honeycomb (Ps.19:10). Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord (Dt.8:3). Blessed is the one who guards the Law (Pr.28:18).

Rich People (28:11)

Dt.8:18-God gives strength to earn wealth. 1Chr.29:12-The rich and the honour is from the Lord. Pr.10:22 only the blessings of the Lord is the resource for Richness. Abraham was rich (Gen.14;22), Isaac was rich (Gen.26:13).

The rich thinks his money as a fortress (Pr.10:15, 18:11) and he talks great about his richness (Jer.9:23). Ps.49:6-8: is it possible to redeem the soul of a brother from death by your rich? What about the five brothers of the rich man, who was in hell? (Lk.16:19) Not satisfied with wealth or money (Eccl.5:10). Rich men will find it very difficult to enter into heaven (Mt.19:23, Mk.10:23, Lk.18:24). The Richness gives everything except Christ and the Kingdom of God. Pr.28:11- Rich man thinks that he is Wise. You may become rich by interest and unlawful ways. 28:20- God blesses the faithful.

Righteous (28:12)

A man of understanding and knowledge brings prosperity to the Land (28:2). The Righteous are always bold (Pr.28:1). when Righteous triumphs there is great glory (28:12). Righteous will never hide the sins but confess and leaves behind him (28:13). He who walks blamelessly will be delivered (28:18).

Noah was righteous (Gen.6:9). I saw you as righteous in this generation (7:1). Because of 10 righteous I will not destroy (Gen.18:32). God redeems the righteous from all evils, sicknesses and sufferings (Ps.34:19). God sustains him (Ps.37:17). No righteous will be forsaken (Ps.37:25). Righteous will not stumble (Ps.55:22). His horn will be exalted (75:10), he will grow like palm (92:12). Joy of Salvation (118:15). God is with the children of the righteous (Ps.14:5). God’s secret is with them (Pr.3:32). The prayer of the righteous is very strong (Jam.5:16). He will live by faith (Hab. 2:4, Rm.1:17). Balaam: I want to die like righteous (Nu.23:10).

Conclusion: God looks for people who abide the Law of God, Rich people with fuller commitment and Righteous persons in any age.

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