"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: This sermon helps us clearly understand what the message is that we want people to know as well as for the work of Missions overseas.

The Message for Missions

1Corinthians 15:1-11


A. I read recently this past week about the USS Roosevelt Aircraft carrier and its recent deployment during this Iraqi war.

- As it returned the statistics were amazing: 5 Mil. Emails during the deployment were sent out from the ship; 815K pounds of mail were delivered to the ship; 32K flight hours were logged; 41Mil. Gallons of aircraft fuel was consumed.

- The ship recorded the longest single time frame for being at sea with 159 consecutive days at sea – no land – 9 days more than the previous record.

- But the greatest record of the deployment was the number 0 – as in Zero sailors died during the combat mission.

- Capt. O’ Hanlon said, that was the more important goal achieved.

- How – he was asked? “We had a clear Mission by the Commander in Chief = (Terrorism will not be tolerated and will be defeated), and a clear Message = (we will do our best together to defeat terrorism).

B. Missions – as we consider the Mission of the church and even the work of Missionaries deployed on our behalf to other countries – in fact, in every aspect of life, a clear Mission is essential but it is equally important to have a clear Message.

Mission = to Influence people to know Christ – even cross culturally.

C. But what is our Message?

Scripture records the word “Message” many times; talking about receiving the message; Paul talks about his message, etc.

But what is the Message?

Some might say our Message is to love people. Others, it is to help people; still others, to teach them to live moral lives; etc.

D. Our passage of 1Cor. 15:1-11 teaches us precisely what our Message is to be for Missionaries, our church, for each of us as witnesses for Christ.

So let us look at our passage today and learn exactly what our Message is for our Mission!


A. Our Message is the Gospel, vs. 1

- Gospel = Goodnews

- we learn further that this Message – the Gospel was preached, received.

- It is worthy to take your stand…

B. Our Message the Gospel – SAVES, vs. 2

- Sozo = make well, whole, saved from God’s wrath; saved from ourselves and the slavery of sin.

C. Our Message the Gospel TRANFORMS lives, vs. 10

- It took Paul and changed his life drastically, as well as others in Scripture; as well as so many could testify today – including myself.

D. But what exactly is our Message – this Gospel?

- God loves the world? That’s the motivation for the Message.


1. Vs. 3 = Christ died for our sins according to Scripture. The Message has to include that we have sinned, fallen short of God’s glory and that Jesus died for those sins – He paid the price.

2. Vs. 4 = Christ was buried (to show for certain that He was dead) and He was raised from the dead, on th third day, according to the Scriptures. Jesus’ death paid for our sins so we could be forgiven, Jesus’ Rez. is essential to Justify us. So the Gospel message includes His death for our sins and His Rez.

3. Vs. 4ff = Jesus appears and will appear again.

Jesus after His Rez appeared to the Disciples to prove He was alive and that same Rez. Jesus will appear to anyone who is seeking Him.

So the Message is clear = Jesus died for our sins and was Raised from the Dead and He will make Himself known to you if you truly seek Him.


A. Vs. 11 – this Gospel Message is to be preached to everyone – Why? Because, God loves all people. Love is not the message – it is the motivation for the message.

This Gospel message also needs to be Believed by each person for salvation.

B. The Gospel will save you from God’s judgment of your sins.

The Gospel will raise you to new life from death, and even to eternal life.

The Gospel message – through God’s Grace will transform your life as you work out your salvation in the Lord.

C. How are we being clear about our Message and proclaiming it to others?

Where is God calling you to be clearer in proclaiming this message to others, like your circle of Influence that we wrote out when we learned about being a Witness for Christ?

Pray about who you can clearly communicate the Message of Christ?

It is so much more than just coming to church; to being good; knowing God loves them – it is clearly about Jesus dieing for our sins; being Raised from the dead and Him appearing to us.

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