Summary: Study of David’s Mighty Men; Call to Evangelism

Mighty Men of God

2 Samuel 23:8-17


This morning I would like to take a look at some amazing men from the Old Testament who were called “Mighty Men of God”. This message is the theme being used by “No Greater Love Ministries” this year and it is the call to arms for all men in God’s church to consider going to battle for the Lord. In February, men from this church will travel once again to New Orleans to claim ground for Jesus Christ. Remember part of my vision from last week for this church is that we would lean towards full-time evangelism, and stepping out of your comfort zone is critical to accomplishing this.

I firmly believe that this message will apply to all of us as we seek to serve the Lord and minister to others for the Kingdom. These three men were deliberately serving their King, and this morning I want to explore their example in life that we can apply to our own lives today.

This morning, I want us to examine and look at three men who exemplified giving it all in the face of adversity, and who were called to their King’s purpose in a way that only faithful servants could serve their master.

Open your bibles to 2 Samuel 23 and we will be looking at verses 15-17.

First though, allow me to give you a small amount of background leading into today’s story.

David was the King and he was sitting around a campfire with his trusted men. The bible tells us about each of these men and briefly; Josheb was a man who killed 800 men with a spear at one time (a one man wrecking crew); Eleazar stood back to back with David when they taunted the Philistines – and he was so faithful to fight that his hand froze to his sword; and Shammah stood in the middle of a field when Israel’s troops had fled and he was faithful to defend the land – which God brought a great victory to him.

Oh that we could be this faithful (and have this much courage) – and would have this type of commitment to the Lord.

These three men and David were resting in the evening around a campfire – because the battle had been called off for the night. The bible says that David was “in the stronghold (v14), which means his army had an advantageous position in the battle, and they were able to relax and rest for the night.

Now, let’s pick up the story from here …

Read verse 15 through 17 of 2 Samuel 23


Point 1 – Serving means there is a great cause

These men were faithful to their King, and they would have done whatever it took to please David. These three men were the best of the best – the absolute top and most faithful.

You see, they had fought amazing battles and were faithful to never turn their back – and this morning we need to see that there is a great cause for serving faithfully. These three men were living testimonies of that cause – and I ask you – do you have the same faithfulness as these men did to serve the Great Cause?

As they are visiting with David, these men are talking with one another and just reminiscing about their past – They were camped just outside Bethlehem and interestingly enough Bethlehem was David’s hometown – and the Philistine’s have taken control of this town and David’s army is approaching the city to take it back.

While they were talking, David just happened to mention that he would love a drink of water from this particular well – a well he had drank from as a child – and he remembered that the taste of it would certainly quench his thirst on this evening.

David was not asking his men to go and literally get it – but I am certain that these men began to think of how they could honor their king.

You see these three men talking with David had amazing courage, and as they talked I wonder how they pondered about how they could honor their king. But they knew, that service meant there would be a great commitment.

Point 2 – Serving means there is a great commitment

Later on, after I am sure David went to bed – there sat these three men who belonged to David and they were wondering what they could do for their king.

As they sat there, at some point (the bible does not mention when) one of them had to have an idea to actually go and get their king a glass from this well. These men were determined to please their King, and so it says that they broke through the Philistine lines and headed for this well … simply to fetch their King a glass of water. (Get water)

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