"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: Jesus tells His listeners some very important motifs to living a successful life for Him. He tells us to, "watch" and to "pray" and by doing as he says, our life will reflect the proper mannerisms of a dedicated Christian as we go about our daily living.

MARK 13:32-37




A. Mystery.

B. Mandate.

C. Motivation.


A, Mission.

B. Method.

C. Monitoring.


A. Multiformity.

B. Momentarily.

C. Momentousness.

In chapter 12 of Mark, Jesus teaches in a parable about the Vineyard of Israel and what God wanted from His people. He also outlined the fact that even though the workers cast out, beat, maimed, and eventually killed many of the servants sent to them, the master still had much patience with the vineyard and the workers. Finally, he sent his only son and the results were disastrous. The workers killed the son and wanted to claim the vineyard as their own. However, the promise was given that the master knew what was going on and someday, he would come personally and set matters aright. Jesus said that when that time would come, the master would turn the vineyard over to other people.

The listeners that day grasped the full intent of what Jesus was trying to tell them. The parable was about the rise and future fall of Israel and how that God would eventually give the Jews’ place to the Gentiles. This infuriated the listeners that day and they left Him. However, the truth of what Jesus was trying to say to them still held and it came to pass.

Now, in chapter 13, Jesus picks up on this theme and addresses the fact that after the rightful place of the Jews has been given to others, God was going to expect even greater things from the replacement of Israel-the Gentiles. And, if the Gentiles failed then there would be universal judgment upon all mankind.

As He preaches His message, He begins to talk about His departure as well as the absence of God from the planet Earth. However, Jesus tells His listeners that He would be sent back to the Earth on God’s orders and He would then put in place the beginning of God’s wishes for mankind-both the Jews and the Gentiles. Jesus tells His listeners that the time would be in the future when all things would be set right and God would begin His final plan for all of mankind.

In my text, Jesus tells His listeners some vital information about the time of His return. He does not give the date but He does tell all what we are to do as we anticipate His return. To Jesus, this is more pleasing-to do what He says we are to do while we wait for His return, rather than set dates and times for His coming. To do the former is necessary; to do the later is almost a waste of time. Jesus tells all that we are to be busy while we wait for Him to return, rather than trying to guess the mind of God and give out dates, times and seasons when we think He will return. If every Christian would do as He tells us what we are to do, according to my text, we would see a renewed emphasis on spreading His word and trying to encourage all to be ready for His return. If we would do as He tells us to do in my text, it would revive our souls and help us to be better Christians for Him. The choice is ours: do we neglect the text and try to read God’s mind or do we let all events up to Him and concentrate on preparing ourselves for his return?

I see three main points in my text which encourage me to pray for His return, but to leave the timing of it to God. I feel this is my duty according to my text and I am happy doing as He said I should do. The first part of my sermon has to do with THE MESSAGE of Jesus in verses 32 and 33, as He tries to convey vital points to all who would care to learn about the future and what we, as Christians, must do while we wait for His return.

The next verse, verse 34, contains what I feel are facts about THE MASTER of the world-Christ and what He has done when He departed this earth and went to Heaven but will return again, at His Father’s bidding. The last part of my sermon, verses 35 through 37, contain the essence of THE MAJESTY of the return of Jesus and what it means for we Christians and the world.

I. THE MESSAGE: The message that Jesus is trying to convey in these verses is worth our attention. It is always wise to remember that what Jesus said in the New Testament was for a purpose. He did not have time to waste words or to make small talk jut so the writers of the New Testament would have something with which to fill their scrolls. No, what the Master said was always important and the same holds true for these words given here in this passage of Scripture.

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