Summary: Let God open our eyes to understand the immeasurable love He has for us!


Mind-boggling love!

Ephesians 3:19 “And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.”(Memorize)

Friend, I do not know how many of you faithfully fasted for these 39 days! I did. Despite severe health problems, running around, innumerable other problems, along with my entire family we went steady with the fasting. Glory to Jesus! HE IS OUR STRENGTH!

You would be reading this devotion on a special day- Good Friday! I love it! I write it a day before, though; along with my husband I will be preaching the last seven words of Jesus on the cross! I am looking forward to it! A mother asked the pastor to visit her son and share the Gospel with him; but the pastor found the young man rebellious and stubborn. Finally, the young man was asked to pray and he said, ‘I do not know God to pray to Him’, the pastor asked, ‘how about your mother’s love? Isn’t she lovable, caring and who stood by you when everyone else deserted you?’ The young man’s eyes filled with tears, he said, ’yes, sir’. The pastor said, ‘then pray to Love, but promise you would surely pray.’ He promised. That night the young man knelt down and said ‘O Love’, instantly as a flash of lightning a Bible verse came to his mind, ‘God is love’, he said with trembling voice, ‘O God!’ Then another Bible verse flashed across his mind, ‘God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.’ Bang! Light dawned on that young man and he got saved. He ran down to his mom and said, ‘mom, I met Jesus!’

How about you? Were you serious in your fasting and prayer? If so, rewards would surely follow. 100 percent.

How do I use words to express the immeasurable, colossal love of God? We have words like “Jesus loves you” hanging all around the place, right from the rear window of cars, hanging around necks, hoardings….everywhere. My question today is: do you understand that? When I am passionately preaching on the love of Jesus, it breaks your heart to see few people stifle a yawn and say, “oh yeah, He loves me.” The truth is that many do not understand the depth of His love! A young man came to church wearing a T-shirt which had the picture of a bull dog imprinted on it, with a caption ‘Jesus loves you’. Intrigued by the weird picture, the pastor asked him, ‘what does this bull dog got to do with the words? The young man replied, “Pastor, it represents the tenacity with which I love Jesus”. The pastor quickly replied “it’s the other way around, it represents the tenacity with which Jesus loves you and holds on to you.”

I have preached to youngsters right in the middle of the road, I have distributed tracts in Chennai highways, I have stood every day in subways, and in front of colleges and distributed gospel tracts during lunch break because that is the time there is lot of movement of people. I have done all this alone! I have visited several multi-complexes and distributed Gospel tracts and Bibles during my lunch time back while I was working. Someone asked me, ‘how were you able to do this?’ My answer: I LOVE JESUS ENORMOUSLY AND PASSIONATELY!

After several years, someone asked me, ‘how were you able to leave your job and now work among the street kids and rag pickers? My answer: I LOVE JESUS ENORMOUSLY AND PASSIONATELY!

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