Summary: Are you standing in the gap?

Mind the Gap

Ezekiel 22:30

I. Introduction

London tube station, “Mind the Gap.” It is important that you obey this warning because you could fall down. There is another Gap that we should be mindful of, God is looking for a man to stand in this Gap, are you that man?

II. Main Body

A. Who is God Looking For?

1. The Lord Doesn’t Need a Man He Sought a man

God came looking for us.

(a) He sought Adam – Gen 3:9

(b) He sought us – Luke 19:10

2. The Lord Doesn’t Need a Man He Uses a Man

(a) God used Angels – Gen 19

(b) God used a Burning Bush – Exodus 3

(c) God used a Donkey – Num 22

(d) God used a Raven – 1 King 17

(e) God used a Heathen King – Dan 1

(f) God could use rocks – Luke 19:40

God could use whatever He wants to, but here He wants to use a man

B. Where is God Looking?

Among them. God is looking among His people, among the Church.

1. Church’s responsibility to fish for men – Mat 4:18-20

(a) If Church Doesn’t Fish it will Flee – Mat 26:69-75

(b) If Church Doesn’t Fish it will Faint – Rev 3:1-6

(c) If Church Doesn’t Fish it will Forget – John 21:1-3

C. What is God Looking For?

1. Availability not Ability

(a) Moses - Speech

(b) Gideon - Hiding

(c) Abraham – Liar

(d) Paul – Persecutor

(e) Disciples – Fishermen

(f) David – Shepherd

These men were all available, God used them and He took the credit for it.

D. Why is God Looking For a Man?

1. There’s a Problem

(a) Problem with Prophets (Ez 22:25 & 28) = Law – Religious Hatred

(b) Problem with Priests (Ez 22:26) = Church - Doctrines

(c) Problem with Princes (Ez 22:27) = Government – Corrupt/Scandle

(d) Problem with people (Ez 22:29) = Lost

2. There’s a Plan

(a) Hedge is wall of protection

(b) Gap is a breach in the wall – New Orleans – Levies

Gap – what church is/should be, What Wales is/should be, Gap Saved/unsaved

3. There’s a Predicament

(a) He found None

(b) How will Gospel get out

III. Conclusion

God is looking for a man from among His people (the Church) with convictions about Godly Doctrines, with compassion for sinners, and with courage to Fight the good fight, follow the Lord an be a fisher of men and finish the race. If we do not stand in the gap people will fall through and go to hell.

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