Summary: We often limit our expectation of God by the excuses we give Him to bless us. But God wants us to expect more from Him than what we can perform or deserve.

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Psalms 23:6

Doctrinal syllogism

If the word spoken created all things and now keeps all things in existence. (Gen 1, Col 1)

And if, for the word to work in me I must be transformed by the renewing of my mind. (Rom 12:2)

It is therefore conclusive that words I speak have an effect on my life if those words have had an effect on my mind.

What we want to do is to allow the word of God to affect our minds into having a higher expectation from God, so when we speak His word we get His benefits towards us manifested.

Faith comes by hearing God’s word, yet the disciples were in the very consistent presence of God’s word and yet were described as “Ye of little faith.” Was the word lacking, no but the effect the word had on their mind was lacking.

How much does it have to affect our mind?

· Jesus said if you have active faith the size of a mustard seed you can say to this mountain be removed into the sea.

· Also be like a child who hears and applies it as a mindset, which defines the faith of a child.

Raising the banner

In Psalms 23:6 David’s expectation was more defined than just God’s:

· Love – Unconditional favor

· Grace – undeserved favor

· Pity – Favor given to those who are helpless and destitute

What follows is not greater than these things but greater expectation because of these things.

It was:

· Goodness – David now describes God’s favor as good

o Good- That which is pleasant, agreeable, it is good to the physical senses of your being. In other words things that make you feel good.

§ The goodness that makes you comfortable, Good self-esteem (Pro. 12:25)

§ The goodness that delights your senses, Life is exciting (Pro. 24:13)

§ It can relate to the pleasure that gives you an advantage (Ruth 2:22)

§ It is the descriptive of completed accomplishment (Gen 1:4, 10, 12)

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