Summary: When Jesus confronts his congregation of followers about the truth of physical and spiritual ideas, something really stirs up!

Ministry and Attitude

John 6:22-71

Sometimes as church going people we need to stop and look to see what our motivation is. I have many times bent over backwards to accommodate people so that they would be comfortable in our little church. I know some of you have done the same when you are out sharing the light of the Lord to others. Is this what Jesus wanted when He said we must be a servant to others?

Let’s read – John 6:22-71

I. Jesus’ response to people He just fed.

a. “Rabbi, when did you get here?”

b. What were they seeking? Jesus knew; food!

c. You are not looking for signs (the Way) but to eat.

d. How we sometimes lead people to physical food and comfort, missing the important aspect of leading them to the Master.

e. The Salvation Army began in 1865 as an evangelical ministry by William and Catherine Booth known as the Christian Revival Association. Their converts were drug addicts, prostitutes and alcoholics, the dregs of London society that no-one wanted in the church. Booth would standup on a street corner and preach the news of Christ and help people hear the Word of God.

f. Today’s Salvation’s Army works a much needed ministry, but sometimes misses the boat when it comes to evangelism. Do we?

g. Verse 28 & 29; “What must we do?”

h. Jesus tells them something simple, believe in Him!!!

i. Wasn’t good enough it appears as they ask Him in vs. 30, “What sign will you give us so that we could believe in you?”

j. Jesus just fed them miraculously twice and taught them. Physical or Spiritual.

II. Jesus changes the tone of His preaching at this point.

a. Jesus tells them all a familiar story of Moses and points it to Him.

b. Again the crowd wants the physical and misses the point of Spiritual.

c. Give us this bread!!

d. Jesus tells them of Spiritual bread and they say, “Hey where’s the real bread?”

e. Whoever comes to me I will never drive them away!

f. Whoever comes to me will not hunger or thirst!

g. The crowd begins to grumble and complain, “Shoot, He is confusing me and I am not getting any food!”

h. Isn’t this the son of Joseph? Do not we know Him in the physical?

i. Jesus answers them directly, “No one comes to me unless the Father sends them”.

j. Eat My Flesh!!!

k. Now we have the way of proper evangelism! Jesus now confuses the entire crowd with one statement! He mentions that He will never drive them away and then uses the equivalent of a cattle prod to shock them. Only Spiritual ears could here this message. Physical people are not getting it at all!

l. The “Congregation of Needs” is coming apart from the message given.

m. Jesus helps them understand by asking them to drink His blood as well.

n. Many of His disciples leave Him and no longer follow Him because the message is TOO HARD. Vs 66

o. Is the message too hard for us today as well?

III. Jesus loses His congregation by pointing to the point – Spiritual first!

a. The one thing as a minister we are taught not to do is not to offend!

b. When a minister loses his congregation he is seen as a problem.

c. What must not ever happen is to now go after your board members as well.

d. Jesus apparently did not have proper ministry credentials or proper training because He does just that!!!

e. What about you guys?

f. Where can we go, You have the words of life!!!!

g. Have I not chosen you, yet one of you is the devil!!!

IV. What does all this mean?

a. Some will come to Jesus and church seeking physical comfort in an empty world.

b. Some will come to Jesus and church to hear the word, but can easily be dislodged when it isn’t comfortable to them. Hard Teaching!!!

c. Some believe that they draw themselves, yet God draws them when they die to themselves. Unless God and the Spirit draws them their ears are blocked to His purpose.

d. My ministry credentials are not mine, their His. I will speak what he tells me even so.

e. The Words of Life is a two edge sword. It cuts both ways, sometime the cut is meant for us.

f. Believe and know who God is and follow Him only.

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