Summary: Take the Next step it is mostly likely your ministry for now You can listen to this message at (April 2008)

MBMB 4 Discovering you Ministry/Service is about Getting a dream/desire/vision/mission.

Without one you’ll perish, even here you’ll perish

God’s Calling may come out of your Moan/Complaint

God’s Calling may come as a direct Word to your life. Prophecy…

God’s calling may come cause your Life is Dedicated to the Lord He Uses Skills

although skills don’t automatically qualify you for ministry.

God’s Calling for now IS he has placed you here to run with the Vision / Leaders of this Church Why Else? a We are here together to a Reaching, Teaching Releasing Church where we are In Partnership with Purpose recognizing peoples Potential to serve the Lord.

Coming into a time of BUILDING BIGGER vital we are in Partnership. One man two men cannot build at the same pace / level as ten men. God has Called you here to Serve. If you are going to Serve out of being Connected, Committed and Covered by a Local Church.

No Church / Organisation operates by people doing their thing, however impressive it may be, Not Connected, Committed and Covered by a Local Church its Not Blessed God is a God of Order,

Another Key to discovering your Ministry/Service is about Simply taking the next step.

God has given dream/vision….. we see that in minds eye / imagination, See Big Body, Big Better Building, See Big Better House, Car, See House hold salvation, healing, deliverance. God does not want us to sit & wait for it to drop from the sky. Take the Next step.

Joseph Dream walked into its fulfilment as a result of him taking steps ordered by the Lord and he didn’t know he was taking God’s steps. It was not until he was living the dream he realised it had been Fulfilled Gen 42:9

We make Calling mystical, Is it in His Will live like we are Avoiding the creaks in pavement, this is a Form of Spiritual bondage, Live in Fear ruin life If Get it wrong what will God Do, if you get it wrong God will be a God Grace, Love, forgiveness, His Mercy will Draw you back. If however you refuse to return you Stay Outside God’s blessing, God will not bless rebellious steps, he will not take an Ishmale & turn it into an Issac, Nor Will God say clear off you have had you chance I am going to get another Abraham. God wants to take the next step Bring us Back. To the next step TOO Many looking for an elevator to ministry,

The Next Step is the one in front of You.

God is a Shepherd/Guild, Sheep don’t always know where they are going until they get there, Sheep just take the next step.

I Know the Shepherd I know he will lead me in green pastures

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps..Prov 16:19, A man’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand his own way? Prov 20:24

God has a Way of Getting His way for our lives, if we stray He will find & bring us Back to the next step.

No Evaluator to Ministry, just next steps, No Evaluator to becoming a great man/woman of God. Despite TV turning minister in to Spiritual Superstars there is No such thing, we are all Men/Women who have a great God. No body does great thing for God, God does them for Us, God raised them up because they took the next step as it came along.

What’s you next step? SERVICE,

You can also listen to this message at (April 2008)

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