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Summary: Get a Motive so God can detect a real servant You can listen to this message at www.preaching.co.nr (April 2008)

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Seen keys to Discovering You Ministry / Service MB.. Attitude, Passion, Moan, Taking Next Step.

NOW Motive

ILL Can you stop the motive in this letter

Dear Marty,

I have been unable to sleep since I broke off your engagement to my daughter. Will you please

forgive and forget?

I was much too sensitive about your Mohawk haircut, tattoos and pierced nose. I now realize

motorcycles aren’t really that dangerous, and I really should not have reacted that way to the

fact that you have never held a job.

I am also very sure that some other very nice people live under the bridge in the park, too. Sure

my daughter is only 18 and wants to marry you instead of going to Harvard on full

scholarship. After all, you can’t learn everything about life from books.

I sometimes forget how backward I can be. I was wrong. I was a fool. I have now come to my

senses and you have my full blessing to marry my daughter.

Sincerely, Your future father-in-law. P.S. Congratulations on winning the lottery!

Mt. 6:1-4. 5-18 Jesus raises the main question: “Who is your audience?”

Are you motivated by the approval of men or the applause of God?

Our Motive is influence by who we see as our audience.

Our Audience is where we seek approval. Possible to be content with only God saying Well do My good & faithful servant

Our Motive in Ministry can Build or Block,

Do Right Thing With Wrong Motive, Wrong thing With Right Motive. In Crime detection they ask WHATS the Motive? To find the Criminal. In ministry God is asking what our motive to find the real servant.

Ministry/service will draw Attention, Often puts you into public light, you’ll been seen for what you do, by your fruit you’ll be known. If the Motive of your heart is to draw attention to yourself, Your Service stinks, it a filthy rag. Everyone around may not see it God sees it and smells the stink.

Seeking praise popularity & sympathy, worked so hard and no one thanks you,

Remember those Seeking position, Matt 20:20………. my boys

How To Do Service & Bring Glory to God

1. Heart Attitude, God sees it and you don’t need to prove it, get rid off the false humility. People praise you and say well done remember God sees the heart

2. Motive of Ministry/service is about preparing the way and then getting out of the way. Not abandoning the work but like John the Baptist, Turn focus to the Lord

When your children take first steps, you prepare the way then get out of the way,

You can also listen to this message at www.preaching.co.nr (April 2008)

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