Summary: Turn you moan into a ministry


Ministry must be Build on the right foundation, Jesus Foundation of Church and Saviour of Soul. Ministry is Blocked when we try to build it upon Knowledge, Personality or Life Experience. However things help but the can be the only thing.

Ministry is build when we are Covered, Connected and Committed

Ministry is Build when we have the Right Attitude,

Discovering you part, role, function in the Body is vital if we are to Move Forward.

Myth, Help recognise and release those Covered, Connected and Committed

Humility, Servant attitude, Passion for Jesus all serve to help us minister

Today I want to encourage you to Turn you¡¦re Moan, Complaint into a Ministry, Take your complaint about the world around you about the church and turn it into your ministry.

Not taking about being a Fault Finder any fool can do that. Easy to find fault. Easy to find fault with me/lizzie/leaders/ECC, so many do it despite being commanded to make their work a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you. Heb 13:17

Leaders are Not above Correction, if you are going to correct I will be looking to discern the spirit that motivates Correction, as you should do if I correct you, the Holy Spirit will edify, an Evil Spirit will destroy.


A Moan that Becomes a Ministry is A Complaint that when acted upon restores Honour to God, His Church, His People, A Complaint that Produces from you Service, Support and Sacrifice

David & Goliath, Why do you mock the name of the Lord, Dishonour his people¡

Habakkuks Complaint,how long will injustice, sin prevail, God respond with Words of Restoration

Acts 6,Widows were left uncared for, appointment of deacons, servants

Acts 4 Persecution, Acts 4:2


Complaint produced by comparison, if only church, pastor, worship was like so & so, What Advantage is That to You¡ Learn never be a carbon copy, If only we had a King like other nations¡ Like to be like others Life was easy back in Egypt¡¨ Like it the way it use to be

Complaint produced by Critical spirit, only see fault even when see the good there¡¦s a BUT Complaints produced by concern.compassion commitment that desires to Change things for the Better, God is calling you into a ministry, role, part

If all you want to do is moan, keep quiet. Not interested, Write to Evening Mail the local news paper has lots of moaner writing in

Complaints can be our ministry builder or so easily be our ministry blocker

Our Complaint can so easily be capture by the enemy who can steal our heart, see the story of Absalom 2 Sam 15.

Absalom was, Impressive, Diligent, Identified with the people, OTT complementary Kissing,

Absalom was cunningly critical, targeted those connecting with the leader, those with a complaint, not openly critical of the leader, I could do a better Job, I¡¦ll be there for you,

He Stole their hearts Don¡¦t let the enemy steel your heart.

Turn You Moan into a Ministry and serve the Lord, you may just feel angry because God want you to change things for the better.

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