Summary: If you are not sure if politics are important for God’s people to concern themselves with, I would suggest that you study the hand of God in the politics of the Old Testament.

The news events of this past week have been interesting to say the least. Men like the Rev. Jessie Jackson step down while other men like John Ashcroft step forward.

The appointment of Senator John Ashcroft to be our nation’s Attorney General is unprecedented. Senator Ashcroft is a devout Christian and a third generation Assemblies of God man.

His father is an A/G minister of the Gospel.

Our nation’s leaders are now telling us they are making every effort to work with one another in what has been called “bipartisanship”. Although I try to refrain from politics in the pulpit, we do need to remind ourselves of the importance of praying for all levels of our government.

If you are not sure if politics are important for God’s people to concern themselves with, I would suggest that you study the hand of God in the politics of the Old Testament.

It is simple to see the impact that the rulers of the land had with the destiny of all of God’s people.

So whether it is city hall, the county courthouse, the state capital or Washington DC, all of our leaders need our prayers.

This is why. Just last month our nation was on the fringes of political anarchy due to the “hanging chads” in Palm County, Florida. For five weeks, the Democrats and Republicans were at each other’s throat fighting for political power.

There is no question in my mind that the source of this battle was not politics as usual, rather the media was reporting to us a spiritual battle unlike anything many of us have seen in decades.

This morning, the politicians have found themselves with no other alternative but to reconcile their differences.

And for that we all should be thankful. Today, our nation is needing to set aside their political ideologies and differences.

It is time for our nation’s leaders to try and work things out.

Our new president, President Geo. W. Bush will lead us into a new day, but he is not the one we should look to in making the difference in spiritual matters.

The difference can only be in the God of Abraham.

It was reported many times this past week what Sen. Ashcroft said to the nation. The only king we have in this nation is “King Jesus”. Jesus will take care of this nation.

Listen carefully. Our nation desperately needs Jesus , and we also desperately need reconciliation.

Likewise, it is also time for God’s people to put aside the cares of this world and return to those things that matter the most.

God’s people desperately need reconciliation.

You see last year it was the pressing dilemma over the Y2K Bug that was believed to bring chaos and confusion to our land.

And of course this year it was the battle of the politics.

In the meantime, many people have all but forgotten about the most desperate crisis that faces mankind. If the crisis I am referring to is not resolved, (or reconciled) millions upon millions of people will be faced with an eternal death.

My friend, that is the problem we should be concerned with.

All of man’s trials and tribulations cannot compare with the fate man is faced with if he is unable to reconcile his differences with His Creator.

This morning, I would ask each of you to open your hearts and minds to the Ministry of Reconciliation.

Text: II Corinthians 5:17 thru 19


I want each of you to know that the God of this world and this age desires for you to be in right standing with Him, His Son Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit.

The King in Whom I serve wants nothing more than for you to have a personal and intimate friendship with Him.

My Heavenly Father will not give up on rescuing your soul.

Father God knows there are many differences between you and Him that need to be reconciled. But He wants to settle those differences once and for all. Father God loves you.

In our Responsive Reading we read in Romans 8:7,

“the sinful mind is hostile to God”.

Thousands of years ago the Lord decided to reconcile these differences with mankind. He knew that this reconciliation would not be easy, and would cost Him dearly.

God sent His only begotten Son to earth to reconcile you, your sins and the sins of the entire world to Himself.

There was only one thing that God could do to forgive you and to forget your wrongdoings.

There was only one thing that would accomplish this.

Nothing else will ever bring reconciliation to mankind. That is because God’s Son Who was and still is everything (in heaven) had to become the nothing else and die on the cross of Calvary for our sins.

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