Summary: This sermon talks about how we have gotten caught up as a church in miracles, healings, and a false move of God, and have lost the REAL message of the cross!!!

"Miracles Without A Message!"

2nd Timothy 4:1-6

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I. Introduction:

-verse 4: (Theme verse)

-Present Title.

-The church has lost it’s message and it’s power in the world today. (Elaborate.)

-We focus too much now on miracles, healings, and deliverances now and not enough on the REAL message of Christ!!!! (Elaborate.)

-We create illusions that we set ourselves up to live in because we really don’t want to FACE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!

-We walk around talking about how spiritual we think we are & yet the world is STILL going to pot!!!! If we were really SPIRIT FILLED than we would be changing the world & not the world changing us!!!!

-We have become players on the world’s playing field, and are no longer, "set apart."

-We spend so much time trying to conjure up miracles and healings and deliverances that we are living in witchcraft & don’t even know it!!!! (Elaborate.)

- We spend so much time focusing on the miracle now that we have LOST THE MESSAGE! (Elab.)

-We’re running around laying hands on eachother, prophesying to one another, dancing, shouting, and trying to "feel good", when if we REALLY knew the gospel message, we wouldn’t have to do that!!!!!!!!!

-The work is outside, it’s not in here!!!!!!!!

-The church has become inclusive & isolated, like a club!!!!

-So, what is the REAL message? And what does the word have to say about miracles & the power of the spirit being on me?

II. Body:

A.) The REAL Gospel Message:

a.) Jesus was hung & bled on a cruel cross for our sins: (2nd Cor. 15:3)

"That Christ died for our sins."

-Romans 3:23

-Romans 6:23


-I don’t care what you’ve said, done, or haven’t done, God is able to forgive you!!!!

b.) He wants to forgive you and wash you in his blood!!!!!!!!

-Ephesians 1:7: "In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins."

-"What can wash away my sins? What can make me whole again? NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD!!!!

-Isihaih 53:5

-"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!"

-Jesus still saves!!!!!!! THIS BLOOD WILL NEVER LOSE IT’S POWER!!!!!!!!!

c.) He died, and was risen on the 3rd day morning & now has ALL power in his hand!!!!

-Jesus STILL saves!!!!!!!

-John 3:16-17...



-Set up text: (Background, history.)

- Preach as led by the spirit!!!!

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