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Summary: Struggles with the flesh. Self righteousness, spritual struggle, and Christ’s Death.

The Three Misconceptions Of Man - 1John 1:6-2:2

Misconception 3 – 1John 1:10-2:2-Can Man Become Sinless and Righteous on His Own

Intro- Sin is a terrible thing. We see it in the headlines of the news every single day. Murder, kidnapping, assault, fraud, cheating, lying, deceit, adultery, fighting, and wars. Sin is so common that we see and hear about it every day. Sin is so much a part of human life that we pay attention to it unless it’s some major crime or if it affects our own lives or families lives. It is everywhere. You cannot get away from it. No matter where you turn you see people criticizing and gossiping. We see people verbally tearing other people down. We see husbands beating their wives. We see all kinds of selfishness in children and co-workers. We see all kinds of sexual immorality. We see all kinds of promiscuity and rapes. The list of sins and shortcomings in life could fill a book.

What is the point, you may ask: The point is that people say that they have not sinned. Despite all the sin in the world, all of the sin that engulfs human lives and society, some people say that they can become righteous on their own. They think they can become o righteous that God will approve of their behavior. That God will accept them because of their own righteousness and being sinless. They say that they do not need a savior. They think they are able to save themselves. They see no reason for the Son of God to come to the earth and die for our sins because they think they can become so righteous and sinless on their own that they will be acceptable to God.

This is the subject on the current passage. There are those who object to the idea that Jesus Christ had to die for the sins of man. There are Christians that object to the preaching of sin, the idea that they are sinners, and the idea that they need Christ’s blood to cleanse them of their sin. They object and say that Man Can Become Righteous and Sinless on His Own.

(1:10) Self righteous/Self sufficient: The misconception is forcefully stated, “we have not sinned.” How could any person claim this? Who would claim such a thing in light of all the sin that engulfs our lives. The answer is there are many people who say this. There are many who object to being called sinners. They believe that they are righteous and sinless enough that God would never reject them. They accept Jesus to be a great moral teacher, a prophet, and even as the founder of Christianity. They claim to be Christians. They follow the teachings of Jesus Christ yet they reject His Deity and the fact that He is the Son of God and had to die for the sins of the world. They look at the death of Jesus Christ as another Christian martyr, a great man who shows us that we should be willing to pay the price for what we believe, even death. Who would make such a claim? Who would say, “we have not sinned”?

Who is it that objects to being called a sinner?

- There is a religious perfectionist: This is a person who actually believes that he can achieve a state of sinlessness. Often they believe in Christ, but they believe that once they are saved, he can live so righteous and pure a life that they can achieve a sinless and righteous state before God. They believe that the Holy Spirit will help them walk perfectly before God.

- There is the social perfectionist: This is a person who is a social Christian. They accept Jesus Christ as a great teacher, but reject Him as the Savior of sin. They object to being called a sinner. They believe that they are righteous and sinless enough that God would never reject them. They believe that they are too good for God to reject. They do not accept the fact that they are sinful enough for God to condemn them.

Note what the problem is with both of these two objectors. They just do not have a clear view of what sin is. To them sin is the violation of law and morality, the things that our society looks upon as sins: fraud, murder, abuse. The things that would grab a neighbor’s attention and cause gossip. They fail to see what sin is to God. God is perfect. Therefore, to God

- Sin is any imperfection

- Sin is falling short of God’s glory

- Sin is missing the mark of God’s perfection

This is the reason that no person can ever live with God. God is perfect. Therefore, only perfection can live in His presence. Man is imperfect and short of God’s glory. Therefore, man can never live in God’s presence. This is what the objector needs to see. To God man is a sinner.

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