Summary: The bullseye is God’s righteousness, we have all missed the mark and sinned. We have all been like David and let sin into our lives. This message addresses sin, it’s consequences and the need for repentance.

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Sin 2 Samuel 12

1. We have all missed the mark.

God’s bull’s eye is righteousness.

Living right for God.

From Adam on, all men except Jesus

himself have missed the mark

We should thank God when he sends people into our

lives that help us see sin in our


2. Sin has consequences

It ruins our witness. (Caused the

enemies of God to have utter ontempt.)

It affects others. (Uriah,

Bathsheba, their son,)

It despises the Lord and his word.

It brings about the wrath of God.

It leads to death.

3. Repentance has rewards

Notice what repentance was in David’s


He felt the same as God did about

sin. (His anger burned.)

He saw the sin in own life, against

the Lord.

He pleaded with God for mercy.

When it was all done, he worshipped

the Lord.

Repentance brings about the grace of God. (He didn’t

kill David)

Repentance brings about God’s mercy. (He gave David

another child.)

Repentance brings about a new start. (David got up,

washed, put on lotions, changed


4. After death there is resurrection.

David- I will go to him, he will not

return to me.

We have hope in Jesus Christ.

He is the only way to resurrection

and heaven.

The Bible is clear what we must do to receive resurrection.

Believe (John 3:16)

Confess (Matt. 10:32)

Repent (Acts 2:38)

Be immersed (Mark 16:16)

(1 Cor. 15:48)

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