Summary: What is impossible with men is possible with God! Start your first step into your miracle!


Many Hollywood enthusiasts and aficionados watched the series of the movie, "Mission Impossible!" Count me one of them. I love the scenes where Tom Cruise would accomplish a seemingly impossible mission. Incredible feat! Those TV and movie series made millions, I believe.

There was a Marines’ slogan during World War II, "If it’s difficult, it would take a day or two; if it’s impossible, it would take a little longer". One day, during the Vietnam War, a platoon of marines was surrounded by a battalion of enemies on their hilltop bunker. They were entrenched with sandbags but were secured with a month supply of ammo. The radioman called the base, "Alpha base, Alpha base, this is Panther platoon; we’re surrounded by a battalion of enemies, over". Alpha base answered, "Panther platoon, this is Alpha base; do you need air support, over". Panther platoon answered back, "Alpha base, negative, no need for that; we have more than enough ammo and gallant marines; we will not let the enemies escape, copy that, over". That’s brave!

We often find ourselves stuck in impossible situations. The coming year seems to predict more threats, rather than treats, although there have already been initial signs of economic progress. Effects of Global warming, natural calamities, wars, terrorisms, and moral decadence threaten our world. Alarmingly, there was news that some passionate opponents of the gospel have had silly idea and have taken initial efforts to block the proclamation of the gospel in the airwaves.

We all face uncertainties - situation that is impossible to solve; sickness that is impossible to cure; burden that is impossible to bear; problem that is impossible to muster; past that is impossible to forget; blunder that is impossible to undo; weakness that is impossible to overcome; habit that is impossible to break; relationship that is impossible to restore; hurt that is impossible to mend; need that is impossible to meet. Being a limited human being, we have much impossibility in life. Our hope: "Jesus looked at them and said, with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" Matt. 19 : 26.

Are you aiming to accomplish something great in the coming year? I have some suggested steps that we need to take to experience the mighty works of God:


1. Don’t be Afraid of your Assumptions!

2. Don’t Attempt in your own Abilities!

3. Don’t Abide in your safe Asylum!

4. Don’t pay Attention to your Anxieties!

1. Don’t be Afraid of your Assumptions!

"When the disciples saw him, they screamed in terror, thinking he was a ghost." v.26

The disciples were rowing the boat against gale of waves for several hours without budging a meter off their spot. When their help came, Jesus walking on water, they assumed it was for their harm. Great is the number of those who have followed their assumptions and missed the best in life. Our assumptions are so much influenced by the world and the people around us. We need to be very careful with who we listen to. People around us can be classified in two categories:

a. The VDP’s: Very Despairing Persons – Negative thinkers.

These are the people who would push you away from your visions; they will derail you. Sometimes pull you out of your visions; they will deceive you. And, often knock you down on your visions; they will discourage you. They always see the impossibilities, never the possibilities.

b. The VIP’s: Very Inspiring Persons – Positive thinkers.

These are the people who would prompt us into a great vision, sometimes prod us out from the spoilers of visions, and often lift us up when we feel exhausted in chasing our visions. They always see the possibilities, and focus less on the impossibilities.

The Negative Thinker sees Difficulty in every Opportunity! But the Positive Thinker sees Opportunity in every Difficulty! The Positive Thinker sees the Invisible, feels the Intangible, and achieves the Impossible!

2. Don’t Attempt in your own Abilities!

"Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you by walking on water." v.28

Peter was a sea expert, probably a fisherman with honors in terms of fishing exploits. Jesus was a carpenter, though he may have learned to swim, but he was not known to be having the caliber of Peter with regards to sea trek. But Peter implored the Lord. We often look to our credentials and evaluate, sometimes project, what we can accomplish with our earned skills and abilities. Our skills and abilities are only tools that God uses to accomplish his work in us, with us and through us. We need to implore the divine providence.

a. We need a Prior Approval from the Lord

We receive God’s approval through prayer and study of His Word. Peter prayed, ’Lord if it’s really you"… then he relied on the words of Jesus, "tell me"… It is crucially vital for us to know the will of God before we embark into doing something great in our lives.

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