Summary: Jesus the only Savior belongs to the whole world. All the 195 countries and all the 7106 languages needs Jesus. No one is excluded from the Good News. Jesus was born for all, died for all and rose again for all, exists for all. Let us share with all.

Gospel to All

Mathew 28:18-20


The Gospel writer St. Mathew was very parochial when he commenced to write down the History of Jesus Christ. He was affirming that Jesus came to this world as leader to Jewish community. He was concerned about the messiah fulfilling the Prophecies related to Him. the words of Jesus always expressed the same ideology and theology that he came to save the lost sheep of Israel. He can’t spare the food to the dogs which is meant for the Children. But towards the end of the Gospel he proclaims that “Go ye unto all nations and preach the Gospel”. So, more King of the Jews but the King of Kings and Lord of Lords of this world.

v.18. All Authorities:

God has all power over all human personalities. He has power over your boss, CEO, GM and all. He has power over all our governments, all our politicians. He has authority over all our defence and controlling forces.

God is the king of kings of all the 195 nations. God had authority over Pharaoh (Ex.3:1-2, 14:25,27), over Xerxes (Es.1:1, 4;16,5:1-2), over Nebuchadnezzar (Dan.3:17), over Assyrians (2 Ki.12:17-18), Over Herod (Ac.12:21-23). Whoever may be the kings of the kingdoms, he will overthrow them. The power of God over powers them.

God has authority over the demons, diseases, natural resources and everything on the earth and under the heavens (Ac.4:12, Mk.16:17-18, Rom.8:38-39).

v.19. All Nations

Gospel belongs to all Nations. Tribes and people groups. It never ever can be called an exclusive property of the elite and few. It was preached first to the Shepherds, then to the fishers, then to the hunters then to the elite.

Gospel for all nations and tribes of the utmost of the earth. (54 Africa, 48 Asia, 44 Europe, 33 Latin America, 14 Oceania, and 2 Northern America. There are 7106 languages. All nations shall be blessed through Abraham (Gen.12:3). No one shall be perished (Jn.3:16).

From all nations, all languages, all tribes will be in heaven (Rev.7:9). Share with all, no one is excluded whether they are white or black, Americans or Africans, Dravidians and Aryans Mainlanders or and Islanders of any part of the world. Africans, Asians, Europeans, Americans. White or black all need to be reached (Ac.21:28).

v.20. All teachings

The teachings of Jesus were focused on the Kingdom of God, Will of God, living by faith, forgive one another, run away from the temptations, keep away from the evil, Repentance, Cross bearing, Sacrifice, Humility, Justice, Equality, etc.,

The teachings of Jesus Christ must be penetrated into all the cultures of the World. All the evils of the world practices must be condemned in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can’t be selective in teachings. The teachings on Love, on grace, on second coming. Teachings on Prosperity and poverty. Everything must be imparted (Ac.20:19-21).

v.20 All the days.

All the days of your life. what are the days, of course from on Sunday to Saturday? But also, on the days of trouble, days of persecutions, days of diseases, on the days of imprisonments, days of fear, days of death, den, fire and flood. I will be with you.

There wouldn’t be a single that you would be regretting that I Can’t be with you.

God will not be with you on the day of your wickedness, on the day of rebellion and on the day of your evil. God will let you down to die in your sins (Pr.1:24-32). A day will come God will allow you to suffer and feel lonely. He will crush you and throw you. God left Samson (Jud.16:20), God left Saul (I Sam.16:14, 28:6), God let them to destruction (II Chr.30:7). God left Israel (Ac.7:42, Rm.1:24).

Let us carry the Gospel to our own neighbours, friends and colleagues. May God bless you, Amen.

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