Summary: Intro to the disciples prayer

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Pattern For Prayer


And now the Lord begins to show us how to pray!

This has been commonly referred to as the Lord’s prayer.. Frankly , this is the disciple’s prayer....

Matt.6:9- he didn’t say, Say these word’s! " he said , In this manner therefore pray."

This is not the Lord’s prayer because in it he say’s forgive us our debt’s , and he himself did not sin. So he him self could not say that.

But we are the ones who can say forgive our debt’s.

The Lord’s Prayer is in John 17.

Now Jesus is about to show us some tremendous key’s that can give us an effective prayer life.

Ask your self this question . " what can I do to have an effective prayer life?

I. VS, 9...He said , we must have a relationship with God almighty.

Nobody can pray without a relationship with the father, That’s why he didn’t say " Our God ", instead he said our Father...

And to the Jew in that day , it was foreign to call God father. They were not allowed to even say his name.

So in verse 9 there are 5 key’s

1. you must have a relationship with him.

2. you can’t call him father unless you are in fellowship with him...

How many of you know that there is a huge difference between a relationship and fellowship?

See: There are many Christian’s who have a relationship as children, but no fellowship because they do ‘not commune with God, there is no prayer life!

Do you know that fellowship is vital to prayer?

Without it you cannot truly pray.

And you cannot call him Father truly if there is sin in your life.

It is impossible....

See . once fellowship is broken , prayer is broken.

but once sin enter’s fellowship is broken.

So much so , that when Jesus was on the cross he could not call his Father, Father.... He said my God , my God , why has thou forsaken me?, Once he became sin for us , he could no longer say father.

All the while he was on earth he cried Father, Father and on the cross he cried My God My God.

Not only must we have a relationship and Fellowship ,

3. we must have dependence on the Spirit....

You Can never call God , Father without the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Rom 8:15 -say’s The Holy Spirit cry’s within us ABBA Father,

4. It is impossible to pray without dependence on God.

5. It is impossible to pray , without fellowship with the saint’s, Notice he said Our Father.

Say after me : In order for me to pray effectively, I must know him, Fellowship with him, Know his Spirit and Fellowship with my Bro.’s and Sis.

Then Jesus said

Which art in Heaven.

You can pray effectively until you realize he is your authority,

Why? Because your on earth and He is in Heaven.

You say Pastor why all of this about ?

Until you know who God is , you will never understand who you are!!!!

II. Hallowed be thy name.

That mean’s we praise and Sanctify his name.

we acknowledge his name

I Pet. 3:15 Sanctify the Lord in your Heart’s

We give him first place in our Heart’s.

Who has First place in your life?

I’ll tell you how, you can tell.

Let me see your check book.


The bible say’s that in V’s 21 Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.

Next year I will be teaching in our Sunday night’s , a series on the Name’s of God.

Say this.. " God’s name , reviles him.

III. Vs 10 . Your Kingdom Come.

There are 7 magnificent petition’s in this prayer

1. Hallowed be thy name

2. Thy Kingdom come

3. Thy will be done.

The first 3 have to do with God , not us- Why?

We must Give God the Glory first , then we are taken care of.

Notice what he say’s Thy Kingdom come.......

God’s kingdom must be clearly understood ,

What is God’s Kingdom?

Matt.12:28--But If I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come upon you....

What is he saying?

When ever the kingdom of God is present we see, two thing’s

1. The Holy Spirit’s power

2. The destruction and the over throw of Satan.

What Jesus is trying to tell us church is, That when you pray ask God , For his Power to come and over throw Satan on the earth.

The bible declares that when the kingdom of God come’s , It will not be in word but in Power. I cor 4:20

Any person who pray’s and does not know the power of the kingdom is not praying effectively.......

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