Summary: This sermon is about paying your ten percent to God.

Today we will talk about giving money unto God. It is important that we give a portion of what we get back unto God. Not because God needs our money, or even wants our money. We should tithe unto God because it shows our faithfulness toward God. All God ask from us is that we give him ten percent of what we earn.

Back in the biblical days people would be known to give a piece of their earnings to God as an offering. This would sometimes come as a sheep or a goat. The people in the biblical days would give their first animal as an offering unto God. This was their way of showing their faithfulness towards God, and to let God know that they trust him to provide for them.

We in the world today should give God ten percent of what we earn. That would be ten cent per dollar that we earn. You see when we tithe unto God we recieve more blessings then we would if we did not tithe. We should place it in our heart to take something out for God as soon as we recieve our paychecks. This shows God that we trust him fully to run our lives.

We should not tithe to be a show off to the people that we go to church with. You should not be competing with the person next to you in church. Your tithing should be something that is just between you and God. Remember you are in a relationship with God, not with the person sitting next to you.

So the next time you get paid, you should remember God. Remember how he gave his one and only Son for our sins. How he bails you out of trouble when you get yourself in trouble. And finally how he blesses you even when you do not deserve it. Now let us thing about these things the next time we get some money. And all of God's children said three times AMEN!

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