Summary: ❶ Recognize the Monsters ❷ Struggling With Monsters ❸ Mastering Monsters ❹ Freedom From Monsters ❺ When Monsters Rise Again

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> Ps 27

+ Definition of Monster

> Merriam-Webster - from Latin monstrum omen, monster, to warn --

a : an animal or plant of abnormal form or structure b : one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior or character

2 : a threatening force

> Cambridge Dictionary any imaginary frightening creature, especially one which is large and strange

+ Calvin & Hobbes

> 7x Opening slides on strip

Calvin & Hobbes are in bed when a aachoo comes out from under bed. Booth are startled. Calvin ask “OK! how many monsters are under my bed tonight?” Answer from under his bed, “Just one”. Calvin to Hobbes, “That’s good Hobbes! We outnumber him!”. Hobbes, “Hee Hee! Wanna get Him?” Calvin, “Yeah! See if you can reach the baseball bat! Hee Hee!” Hobbes is reaching for the bat, when from under the bed are the words, “Quit shoving you hogs!” The both Calvin and Hobbes duck under the blankets and yell Mommmmm. While from under the bed are the words “Nice going Maurice”.

+ ❶ Recognize the Monsters

:- We have moved from Monsters under the Bed

- To battling monsters that are in bed with us

> v.1 Fear

> v.2 Wicked

> Foes

> Enemies, v.2, 6, 11& 12

> v. 3 War

> v. 5 Trouble

> v. 12 false witnesses


> Sickness of body - Of the Soul

> Poverty - Of the Soul

> Broken Relationships - Of the Soul

> Loneliness, Discouragement

> Slavery to habits

- We war against a host of how we live and how we should live

A preacher was delivering a sermon before a large congregation. He pointed out that believers aren’t exempt from trouble. In fact, some Christians are surrounded by trouble—trouble to the right, trouble to the left, trouble in front, and trouble behind. At this, a man who had served the Lord for many years, shouted, "Glory to God, it’s always open at the top!"

+ ❷ Struggling With Monsters

> Monsters are too big to handle alone

> v. 5 - 2x - Hide me

> v. 7 - Answer me

> v.11 - Teach me

> v. 11 - Lead me

> v. 12 - Deliver Me

+ ❸ Mastering Monsters

Only one command in this Ps.

> v. 8 - Seek ye my face

- v. 8 Takes in the word with obedience

> v. 13 How – Believe what He says

> Action

> v. 4 - I will seek after - Get into His presence

> v. 6 - I will praise - Change your Focus

+ ❹ Freedom From Monsters


> v. 1 - The Lord is my light

> v. 1 - The Lord is my salvation

> v. 1 - The Lord is my strength

> v. 5 - The Lord is my hiding place

> v. 9 The Lord is my help

> v. 10 The Lord will hold me

+ ❺ When Monsters Rise Again

- Newsong on their label “Sheltering Tree”

Song - "God & Time"

> All you need is God and time to heal your broken heart

> v. 14 - Wait on the Lord

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