Summary: This country is in deep trouble morally. There has to be people willing to stand in the gap for a moral makeover in this country. Will you do it?

Moral Makeover; Reshaping our Thinking

Jeremiah chapter 6:16-23

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Turn to Jeremiah chapter 6

I want to talk a moment about change. I want to talk about doing what is right.

I want to talk about allowing God to change you and your circumstances.

Jeremiah chapter 6 is about Israel paying the cost of disobedience to God.

It is about in the midst of turmoil that a remnant of God’s people care what happens to others and want to make a difference.

It is about foolish people thinking that they have plenty of time before they answer to God.

Jeremiah Chapter 6:16-23

I get upset every time I watch the news, not that people don’t see things the way I see them, but we have a country that is divided into 2 categories of people.

One that want to change every fiber of our lives, to take God out of our country. Force us to digest there teachings and immoral lifestyles and when we do not agree or do not accept it, we have no tolerance.

The other side is conservative, hold to the values in the Bible, hold to the value that life begins at conception. Believes that some things should stay in the closet.

Israel was at a crossroad, God was going to bring judgement upon them, the USA is at a crossroads, the gap between the two sides get wider and wider. The tension between the sides is intense.

Israel had their fortified cities, the USA is the most powerful military power. God was saying to Israel, your fortified cities are no match for God. He says to us in America, I can bring you down, I can bring you off your high horse.

Many powerful Nations in the past have been brought down because they turned away from God.

6:15- (not our text)

Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct? No, they have no shame at all, they do not even know how to blush.

Blushing is a body action. Embarrassment causes us to blush. They don’t blush because they do not care who sees them.

There is a battle going on

It is not about Republican or Democrat

Intelligent or uneducated.

Liberal or conservative.

It is about walking with God or fighting against God.

God tells Israel.

Flee Jerusalem- your fortified cities are no match for God.

Sound the trumpet- prepare for battle. This is going to get ugly.

Choose your allegiance- what flag are you going to raise and be willing to fight under.

There is a call to the church to stand it’s ground and reach hardened hearts for Christ.

There is still a call for each one of us to “go ye” into our world that God has us and call people back to God.

There was only a small remnant then, and the remnant for us is shrinking and pledging there allegiance elsewhere. At least in the USA.

We talked on Wednesday about the potter and the clay.

God being the Potter and we are the clay.

That the clay needs to stop back talking the potter. And allowing the potter to form us into the vessel of his choosing.

That we need to stop looking around and wishing we were someone we are not.

The potter needs to make that clay soft and pliably. That is the process that hurts. Hebrew- pounding the clay on the table of the potters wheel.

God needs to get the air bubbles out of the clay so that when the product is finished, the flaws within do not destroy what God intended it to be. That process hurts a little. We don’t like it.

The clay has to stay on the table until the product is finished.

The clay then has to be put in the fire so that it is tempered to withstand being used so that it does not lose it’s shape, again. This process is not fun. It hurts. It takes awhile.

6;16 “Stand at the crossroads and look, ask where the good way is, and walking in it. And you will find rest for your souls. I have appointed watchmen over you and said, listen to the sound of the trumpet.”

God puts people in our lives to help guide us.

God gave the people of Israel Jeremiah, a prophet called of God to proclaim the message of God.

They had a chance of listening and changing or tuning him out and keep doing what they wanted.

A watchmen is one who stands guard, protecting those that are around them.

Ezekial 37 talks about that the blood of the unwarned people is upon them. That if we don’t warn them , that we will answer for that.

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