40. Be Honest without being legalistic, outspoken, too blunt or brutal or indiscrete.

41. Be Hopeful without being overly optimistic or forgetting God's future game plan.

42. Be Hospitable without being ingratiating, cliquish or using it as a tool for social climbing.

43. Be Humble without lacking confidence or being too hard on yourself or being an ascetic.

44. Be Humorous without being flippant, irresponsible, or lacking in discernment.

45. Be Insightful without being so obsessed with being right that you fail to learn by experiences.

46. Be Joyful without being reliant on happy feelings to do what is right.

47. Be Kind without being tolerant of what goes against the expressed will of God.

48. Be Knowledgeable without being arrogant, snooty, or puff up in your own opinions.

49. Be a Listener without being sympathetic to standards that are unacceptable to the Lord.

50. Be Loving without being mushy, driven by emotions, or cloud in your judgment by subjectivity

51. Be Loyal without being possessive or practicing blind obedience or undue attachments.

52. Be Mature in your mind, will, emotions and spirituality without being arrogant or distant.

53. Be Meek without being weak.

54. Be a Motivator without trying to control, manipulate or lord authority over people.

55. Be Neat without being obsessive about your perfectionism, meticulousness or intolerance.

56. Be Obedient to the Lord without becoming like a puppet without an ability to use one's mind.

57. Be Objective without being cold and calculating, unloving, or insensitive.

58. Be Patient without being indifferent, permissive, or disinterested.

59. Be Perceptive without being so calculating that you fail to be willing to learn from mistakes.

60. Be Persistent without being stubborn, inflexible, self-willed, or headstrong.

61. Be Persuasive without resorting to smooth talk, high-pressure tactics or pushiness.

62. Be Prayerful without lacking balance in the moral, educational, political, inter-personal, communicational, social, cultural, emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual aspects of life.

63. Be Punctual without being intolerant or impatient with tardiness.

64. Be Purposeful with being so single-minded that you cannot see the forest for the trees.

65. Be Able to Recover after setbacks without becoming lazy, complacent or tentative.

66. Be Respectful without practicing idol worship or debilitating subservience.

67. Be Resourceful without being overly independellt, manipulating, or coercive.

68. Be Resolute without being hard headed, close minded and stubbom.

69. Be Responsive without being reactive or only willing to do something when you are pushed.

70. Be Self-Controlled not forgetting to rely on the Spirit to direct your mind, will and emotions.

71. Be Sensitive without being touchy, easily offended or overly emotional.

72. Be Sincere without being gullible, overly serious, or impulsive.

73. Be a Servant without being a doormat for others to use, abuse, and misuse.

74. Be Smart without being so concerned to get all the facts that you fail to learn by doing.

75. Be Sober minded without being so dull that people grow bored with your teaching.

76. Be Social without being so dependent on others that you cannot act on your own.

77. Be Tactful without being so considerate that you never accomplish anything. 78. BE Teachable without being gullible, simple-minded, or willing to do what ever is urgent.

79. Be Truthful without being tyrant who lacks love, understanding, and cultural awareness.

80. Be Victorious without expecting to win every battle. Choose your battles, let God fight for you

81. Be a Visionary without being a dreamer, a speculator, or a person with their head in the clouds.

82. Be Wise without being a wise guy.

83. Be World-Wide in your concerns for the all the people so you do not become myopic.

84. Be Yielded to Jesus Christ without being so heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good.

85. Be Zealous without being uptight, fanatical, or wild eyed in your approach to problems.

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