Summary: When you put God first, you will suffer. Over all your friends, you got to fight the good fight of faith

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Joshua 24: 14-18

If I had a chance to speak individually to every American, I would say to them. “You have a right to be Christ like.” Instead of withdrawing from the presents of God, we should be trying to continue, in the things of God. Make a conscious effort to try to stay in the word as much as possible: look for opportunities to go the right way; Jesus showed us which way to go. He showed us who to believe in.

Having neglected the truth of morality, our country is in and out of almost everything, but prayer and fasting. Oscillating back and forth concerning the will of God and the will of man to serve other gods has become obloquy, an abusive contradiction. We are becoming more and more like the Pharisees and Scribes. Dressing the outside with beauty and fame, multitudes of people have missed their Lord and savior.

It’s hard to serve the Lord, if he’s not the main focus; you want to be sincere. You want to break whatever is distracting you from keeping your focus by doing what you know are good for you. Serving the Lord is good for every one of us. In sincerity and in truth, God is Holy all the time. I have to admit that I’m not holy all the time; and you are not holy all the time. We pray for each other; we help each other, but God’s grace and mercy endures forever.

About the truth of the entire crisis that we face today, God is still on his thrown; and we must accept the plan that he gives to all those who call his name and find him. Excepting his plan means to realize all other plans have failed. If we plan on living with the Lord forever, we got to find him here before we go over there every where he is. The worst thing a man can do to himself is to leave this world without the lord. You can’t do anything more badly than that.

However, people are doing this every day. I know they don’t want to hear the truth, but there are some people who do. The truth is Jesus; the more of the truth we get in us; the truth is, we’re going upward. The same way he ascended; we will ascend likewise. There is power in Jesus to live in this world, and yet not be of this world. To get this power to be different from the world is to be sincere.

It’s a big job to be sincere; it’s a big job to be sincere when almost everybody else is insincere. Some people call Jesus for the wrong reasons; for the wrong reasons, some people start ministries; and they do prosper. Some people call Jesus not because they need him, but because they are looking for a way out of whatever they are in. I thank that’s a talent. If you have a talent, you should use it, but that don’t mean salvation is in your soul. Salvation comes from being sincere, when you call Jesus sincerely.

Appearance has nothing to do with salvation.

For the sins of the world, Jesus gives his life. It’s not a pretty picture when you have to die so Christ can live. Killing the powers of the flesh is a process; so we can live again, we must give back to God what belongs to him. What belongs to God is in the world, but it is not of the world. Killing the flesh of man is in the world, but it is not of the world. We kill what is pulling our heart away from God; by trusting Jesus, we let live whatever is drawing our heart closer to God by resisting temptation.

The world has already been deceived by living, but without God. The world is deceived by living apart from the life of God. Thinking tomorrow is promised, all most everybody has taken life for granted, but I say by truth of God in me, tomorrow is not promised to any man. Showing forth his pleasures in us, God wants the world to know the light of the world is alive and doing well.

Jesus is doing well. After pensive revelation, Jesus Christ declared on the third day that he would rise from the dead; and he did. At the photoperiod of life, he fought the good fight of faith, and before the light to gain full affects on growth and development, he endured daily exposure. Before Jesus Christ proved to be the central arena over death, he actually was God manifested in the flesh; and he was justified in the spirit.

As the war between good and evil prevailed known as spiritual warfare, some people refer too. Those who know the truth fight with truth, and are made free in heart against the sting of death. We are not trying to save our life in the flesh. That don’t mean to let the devil just take you out without a fight, but it means we fight with confidence that there’s a promise of a better tomorrow.

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