Summary: "DON’T BE LIKE THE WORLDLY". Who let trials destroy them. "BE MORE THAN A CONQUER"!!!

More Than Conquers

Romans 8:28-37

Pastor Greg Mc Donald


How was week? Good, Bad, Ugly, or Don’t want to talk about it? If not bad, have you ever had a bad week? Felt all alone, helpless, and nobody cares?

GUESS WHAT? God cares and so do I.

Today share words of hope and encouragement.

READ (Rom. 8:28-37)

According to vv. Who are you?

1) v.30, Predestined, called, justified, and glorified.

2) v.33,God’s elect.

3) But, v.37 “More Than Conquers”

Def. Conquer

1. To overcome by force or fighting; subdue, especially in war; crush the resistance of; vanquish. 2. To overcome by mental or moral power; subdue by an inward struggle; surmount or remove by effort. 3. To gain in war or by fighting; win or secure by a struggle in which obstruction or opposition is overcome.


We can over come the enemy without any force. I don’t have to do any of these things mentioned in this definition.

If God’s word had just told us we were conquerors it would have been enough - but it tells us we are more than conquerors through Him. So, rather than saying, “I’m defeated,” rise up and say, “I’m more than a conqueror!”

It may not seem to you that you are a conqueror - but your confession of it, because of what you see in God’s Word, will create the reality of it in your life.

Tell your neighbor - “I’m More Than A Conqueror” Every thing is going to be alright, God said so.

Lets start with that thought (Read v.28)

All things

We are not exempt from afflictions, trials, persecutions, and calamities in life. BUT, one thing we can be certain of.

God causes all things to work together (For Good).

Trials eventually contribute to our good. (Double for your trouble) Trials lead us to look to God for support. God then gives us a calm temper, a patient tender and kind personality.

Another thing that is for certain. Every Saint is able to say, it was good for them to be afflicted.

(Read James 1:2-4,12)

To Christians afflictions are made into BLESSINGS. May sound strange, but think about it, your going to face trials in this world regardless.

So, Why go through them in vain? Through our Heavenly Father turn them into stepping stones in your life!!!



(Read Gen. 50:15-[20]* Joseph as example

Scriptures For Comfort When Afflicted

(Psalm 46, Psalm 146:3-10)

To those who love God

Exodus 20:6 - He shows love to a thousand generations

Neh. 1:5 - God keeps His covenant of love with them.

1Cor.2:9 - No eye see, ear hear, or mind conceive all that God has for those who love Him.

James 1:2 - They will receive the crown of life

James 2:5 - They will be rich in faith and inherit the Kingdom.

(Look at the last part of v.28)

Those (You) who are called according to His purpose.

Purpose - we all have a purpose in life

(Walk like you got a purpose in life).

But, God’s purpose for us is greater than we could imagine.

(Read Rom. 8:29) - be conformed to the likeness of His Son.

*** This means to me that everything that Jesus has, I have also. (Holy Ghost Power) Expand on!!!

(Read Rom. 8:30) - says that we are justified and glorified.

Justified - God has rendered me innocent.

Glorified - To be counted as glorious or full of glory, honor, and praise.

(Read Gal. 1:15) - set apart at birth

Paul ask another question in vv.33-34

Who can bring charge against you?

“NO ONE” - (Read Rom. 8:1)

Many may accuse us, but no one can condemn us!

Satan is the Accuser of the Brethren , But he can’t condemn!

We have three Defenses

(Read v. 33) - God justifies us

(Read v. 34) - Jesus is at his right hand interceding.

(Read Heb. 12:1-3) Focus on v.3

(Read Dan. 3:16-30) “Example of God being with His people in time of need”

(Read Rom, 8:35) - will anything separate from the love of God? “NO”!!!

***These things do effect and separate worldly people and their families.

(Read v.37) - But they make us more than conquerors through Christ.

We can see in scripture that God did and is doing his part.

We Need to do our part to be more than conquerors.

Several ways to work on being more than conquerors.

1. Prayer (Phil. 4:6)

A. Many lack victory because they lack prayer

B. Prayer can accomplish much. (James 5:16-18) “Elijah as Example”

C. Many pray about the big , but not the small.

D. “Little fox that spoils the vine” (Song of Sol. 2:15)

E. Paul says , pray without ceasing.

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