Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Little is much if God is in it.

More Than Enough.

1.Her case and character:

*She was very poor and necessitous.

*She had nothing to live upon but a handful of

meal and a little oil.

*She had no fuel but the sticks she gathered.

*She was reduced to the last extremeity.

2.She was Humble and Industrious:

*Elijah found her gathering sticks to prepare their

last meal.

*She was mindful of her condition.

*She complained not of the suffering of hardship.

*She did not murmur against God for withholding


*She adapted to it the best she could.

3.She was very Charitable and Generous:

*A stranger desired her to go and fetch him some

water to drink.

*She readily went at first the word.

*She objected not at the present scarcity of water.

*She took no thought of its value,(for it now was

worth money).

*She did not excuse herself on account of her

weakness through famine.

*She was not caught up on the urgency of her own


*She stopped doing for herself and went to his aid.

4.She was a women who believed God:

*After having told the prophet how low her stock of

meal and oil was, He bade her to go and make a

cake for him and make his first...then prepare for

her son and herself.

*It was a great trial of her faith and of her

obedience, but she went and did as he said. She

had great conifdence in the words of God.


*God will not ask of you for something that he

hasn’t given you the ability or the means to do.

*Daniel believed that his faith was enough to live

in the Lions den.

*The Three Hebrew children believed that if God did

not deliver them their faith would see them


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